1. Desmond

    Maharashtra govt. warns babus to communicate only in Marathi or face charges.

    One question I ask myself at least once everyday is "Why are there so many retards around?" Source: Department heads issued stricter warnings on Marathi use: Kadam - The Times of India
  2. M

    Cowon EK2 opinions needed.

    Anybody used Cowon EK2 IEM? Please post your opinions or reviews. How do they compare to Cowon EM1 (importantly, in the bass department). Bass, treble and voice clarity ratings would be even more helpful.
  3. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Public Wi-Fi in urban areas part of DoT action plan for Modi government

    The Department of Telecom has included providing Wi-Fi services in urban areas in the action plan being prepared for the next government headed by Narendra Modi. The DoT has mentioned "Wi-Fi facilities in public places in urban areas and commercial centres" in its agenda for new regime and said...
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Anti-virus for college office without internet connection

    Our department in the university is forever plagued with virus, so much that even we students are afraid to take notes,data,files etc from the department computers. They often do a cleanup but some one from outside will come and infect the entire computer systems again. So the main M.R guy...
  5. Nipun blocked by Department of Telecom!

    Got this on my account's home page: Although it is working for me, others are unable to open it. Why am I able to open it? "MTNL". They don't know how to. Blocked By Department of Telecom(CHNN) India ADF.LY Blocked by Department Of Telecom(CHNN) India | The Hray I don't...
  6. zacfx05

    Lenovo p770 or lumia 620...............?

    Hello friends I am confused between this two Handsets Lenovo p770 and Nokia Lumia 620. I prefer dual sim , but i was eying on 620 for a long time, lenovo i just came to know abt it. when creating this thread i am inclined towards p770 since both are available for approximately same price. so...
  7. RBX

    Piratebay/Isohunt/kat blocked

    My ISP - Reliance has blocked the aforementioned websites displaying a message - Has anyone got more information on this, will this be permanent ?
  8. A

    Wireless Router for college department

    Hi fellow people! Since i'm a n00b at networking, I'll get straight to the point. In our Biotechnology department, I, being one of the representatives of computer lab, had finally pushed the idea of installing a router in our lab. We got an aye from our HOD but now the problem lies in, I...
  9. bubusam13

    FBI charges Megaupload operators with piracy crimes

  10. A

    How good is lenovo after sales service??

    Hello guys, this is regarding some recent experiences I had!! I promise this will be interesting and evoke your curiosity! I was almost about to buy a Lenovo Z series laptop but stopped due to bad colors available in that store (only color available was ugly Navy blue or Light purple o.0)...
  11. Vyom

    UP Department Set To Use Facebook to Maintain Transparency in Food Supplies

    UP Department Set To Use Facebook to Maintain Transparency in Food Supplies! Key Points: Food Officials to Use Facebook Page to post Updates Those who don't already, asked to Learn Computers! (expect lot of dialogues to derive for "Dumbest Thing About Computers.." thread)! Complete Article...
  12. D

    Please guide me choosing the right Course

    I am now presently in II PUC with PCMCs (Physics Chemistry Mathematics and Computer Science) Combination. And I am interested in Computers and want to work in my fathers industry (, website created by myself) after some years of Work outside(Around 4-6 years). I want to...
  13. gaurav_indian

    Coke has a rival: RSS's cow urine cola

    Coke has a rival: RSS's cow urine cola What next cow dung in burgers?:rolleyes:
  14. s18000rpm

    Microsoft charged for evading tax in India

    :lol: Microsoft has been charged Rs Rs 256 crore in taxes and penalties by the service tax department in India. The department found that Microsoft India's Gurgoan unit carried out marketing activities for its India operations and not for the Singapore unit as it had claimed. "We have...
  15. Plasma_Snake

    Video Joiner-cum-Encoders

    I use DVD Decrypter to rip DVDs and used Media Coder to join the vob files to AVI but the software is buggy and doesn't works in some cases so can you tell me any software that does the both, joining and encoding or a pair that excels in each department. :)
  16. D

    Joining CBI

    I am doing my final year engineering in information technology . i am quite good with network concepts and protocols . i want to join cbi in cyber crime department . what exams do i have to go through ? my uncle is working in cbi as an inspector .
  17. T

    Microsoft Vista, IE7 Banned By U.S. DOT

    More Information :-
  18. A

    Youtele or Iqara

    I am a member of Youtele or formerly Iqara (229615) :( Thought their top management seems to get the strategy right, when it comes to implementation its crap. I cancelled my membership 2 months back and even today they haven't refunded the amount due to me (1500 rupees). When I call the call...
  19. H

    I want information about silent hill 3 and silent hill 4 for pc

    Hey guys out there can any one of you tell me how these games are particularly in the graphics department
  20. V

    Require Help

    Dear all We r just implement DHCP in our office & I just want to know is there any way that the department get the IP in range i.e. if I configure to for Accounts etc. Secondly can I distribute the bandwidth of my ISP i.e. if i get 100mbps form ISP so can I...
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