1. aaruni

    [For Sale] HP Pavilion G6 2303tx

    Model number and details HP Pavilion G6 2303 tx intel core i5 3230m @ 2.6 GHz turbo boost to 3.2GHz (intel HD4000 integrated) AMD Radeon Mobility HD7670m w/ 1 GB VRAM 4GB RAM 500 GB High Performance WD Scorpion Blue (aftermarket installation) 15 inch screen (1366*768) Full sized keyboard...
  2. Charley

    Guys, need your advice quickly

    My cousin brother is a disabled person using a wheelchair. There was a major problem with the wheelchair, so we gave it to the company for service. The supervisor kept the wheelchair without doing anything and delaying the service. He told the wheelchair will be delivered in 2days. But...
  3. B

    [Complaint] Cooler Master Elite 311 Broken Delivered By Snapdeal

    I am a regular client of Snapdeal and bought my products from them but this is the first time when i face some kind of terrible issue. Today i just received the CM Elite 311 Red cabinet, which i bought at Rs2,877/-, i am so excited, that i am making new machine, so i need everything together but...
  4. M

    Corsair 900D

    After reading numerous reviews online I have decided to buy this cabinet. But I am having a hard time sourcing it. Nobody seems to have it for sale and the 'Where to Buy' list on corsair's website is absolutely dubious. I need this in Kolkata but if push comes to shove I can get it delivered...
  5. R


    Hi guys, Many might have already dealt or had known about gadgetshildz. They supply whole body thin covers for all gadgets. Recently I have ordered my first product from them - A nexus 5 complete protection worth ~450 bucks. They sent me the parcel through professional courier. The...
  6. bssunilreddy

    Free Giveaway (MS Sidewinder X6 + Logitech G400 + Corsair H60)

    I am thinking of giving my Microsoft Sidewinder X6 KB + Logitech G400 Mouse for FREE as a giveaway.I also am thinking of giving away Corsair H60 2012 Edition but these are to be picked up from my place at Mallapur, Hyderabad. Reason for giving way: Bought Coolermaster Devastator Gaming...
  7. K

    Software Testing training in Bangalore

    Simplilearn conducts 8 days Software Testing certification training in BANGALORE, delivered by certified and highly experienced trainers. We are one of the best Software Testing Training institutes in BANGALORE. This Software Testing course includes interactive Software Testing classes, Training...
  8. Ricky

    Positive Experience Lots of things all positive

    I have purchased lots small gadgets those are generally hard to find and everything was in time and nicely delivered. Just sharing here as good work should be acknowledged.
  9. RBX

    AI Book | Flipkart delivery

    Are these books same ? Their ISBN are different but there would be quite a price difference if the contents are same. Artificial Intelligence 8177583670: Book: Stuart Russell (9788177583670) | and Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach . Buy Best Artificial Intelligence ...
  10. ritvij

    voadfone messages not delivered

    i have a vodafone prepaid sim connection with id and a blackberry curve 3g phone. my problem is that my local texts are getting delivered but my "so called" sis :wink: ain't gettin any of them.. i can receive her texts but she can't... hers is a bsnl no. because of this i have to call her every...
  11. N

    Edifier Dealer In Mumbai

    I wish to purchase Edifier DA 5000 pro in mumbai. Since the weight is too heavy i would like to get it home delivered , any one knows any dealer who can give me this model home delivered to me in mumbai ? Thanks!!
  12. S

    My "G" stuff

    My Kindle "3G" with lighted cover from Amazon..I bought it a couple of months back: At last my long wait for android is over..My Motorola atrix "4G" got delivered yesterday..Bought it on ebay and delivered through aramex: sorry for the crappy captures..had to do it...
  13. D

    Got my HTC Desire

    I got my HTC Desire today from Flipkart :) Had to chase up the Aramex guys to deliver it today otherwise they would have delivered it on Monday and I would had a chance to play with it only on the next weekend. So far I am loving it. The menus and everything is a breeze. No lag. Its...
  14. crawwww

    Free 2010 calendar at your doorstep

    Get free customized calendar delivered to your doorstep:
  15. A

    query regarding dell delivery procedure

    i am going2 buy a dell xps 1730 laptop is there some other way of buying than configuring on the net and getting it delivered as i dont want to wait for the delivery if there isnt then how many days can it take it to be delivered
  16. NucleusKore

    Man's £5 debt repaid 39 years on

    Source: A Sheffield man who lent a penniless Australian tourist £5 to pay for a ferry trip in 1969 has been repaid his debt nearly 40 years later. While Jim Webb was out, a card and £200 was hand delivered to his home...
  17. soumya

    Get beta versions of Office 14 and Windows 7 delivered to your doorstep.

  18. digit i am thinking

    About Ubuntu shipit

    I want to know that have u ever order ubuntu CD through shipit? If yes then how much time it took to delivered to ur home.
  19. aryayush

    Have you ever bought something off Amazon? Are there any taxes, etc.?

    Hello! :) I want to buy a digital camera off I just wanted to know if someone has bought from them and had it delivered to India. If yes, do you have to cough up anything else apart from the price listed at the website? Any duties, taxes, etc? Thank you!
  20. outlaw

    i wann my emails delivered to my phone

    guys i am using nokia n70 with airtel connection and using the mail option in the settings wizard i was able to configure the "mailbox" in messaging so that i can get all my yahoo / gmail/msn mails delivered into my phone but whenever i try to connect to server from my mailbox in messaging...
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