[Complaint] Cooler Master Elite 311 Broken Delivered By Snapdeal


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I am a regular client of Snapdeal and bought my products from them but this is the first time when i face some kind of terrible issue. Today i just received the CM Elite 311 Red cabinet, which i bought at Rs2,877/-, i am so excited, that i am making new machine, so i need everything together but my excitement gone to flush when i see the broken cabinet were delivered to me.:banghead::machinegun:

You can see the screenshot below:


Some screw missing and some already broken (Black plastic screw), they charge so much for the cabinet and providing us the made in china screw....:-x

I got this from the courier name - Gojavas. I hear first time about this courier but naaa... it is useless and terrible courier who has broken the cabinet OR already broken packed and delivered, who knows.

I already submitted the refund or replacement request, lets wait what they reply otherwise i have to throw this cabinet to their head.

This is what i learned from my first time terrible experience, never buy cabinet or any type of items which can be easily broke during transit, better is to spend some more Rs and buy from local shops. :-(. However some cases they can delivered the product at safe way, for example, i ordered Microwave from starcj, they delivered in time and nothing was broken, SO this all depends on courier companies.


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hey, I have bought it 2 times (replacement) and both are broken.
3 weeks time lost.
elite 311.

CX430V2 came broken twice.

for LG 23" he called me to pickup from office as he cant hold while riding bike. this is a reason? FK broght big parcels in auto for me 3 years back and in 2015, they cant deliver big things. OMG

Gojavas - CRAP, All kinds of ____. no words to say. no local phone no. call center doesnt know local office address, theyre not supposed to say the local office(actually apartment) number.

can someone legally kill this gojavas? and their (sorry, no word to say)
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[MENTION=140979]kar[/MENTION]T - I have also ordered Corsair 550 watts smps but i cancelled it because 3 days gone and not even dispatched from the seller location, so i have now bought from the Amazon by giving them Rs200 more but i need the product in working condition not the damaged products. Now i am worry about other products which is coming in 2-3 days by same courier, don't know what is going to be happen now. :|


Flipkart is way better than snapdeal in this respect.
They have delivered so many bigs things , right inside the home where it's supposed to be placed and not just doorsteps!
I had bad experience with Snapdeal already. Not going with them next time anyway.


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Update: My second order came without any damage which is AMD FX 6300. I also received the reply for the return request confirmation, they will arrange the pickup within 3 days and after they receive the damaged item, they will either provide me the refund or replace, as per what i want, which is 100% refund, i hope so.


This is not new for Snapdeal and its not the courier fault either.
I also received broken cabinet (as in my case the box was fine but inside it was all broken, even the plastic which hold all the screws was in bad shape with screws all over the cabinet, that can not be torn by courier), sellers at snapdeal can not trusted. The problem with these sellers are they send used/already opened items.

That was my last item from Snapdeal!
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