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Hi guys,

Many might have already dealt or had known about gadgetshildz. They supply whole body thin covers for all gadgets.

Recently I have ordered my first product from them - A nexus 5 complete protection worth ~450 bucks.

They sent me the parcel through professional courier. The courier being irresponsible, never bothered to contact me had delivered (or claimed to have delivered) the shipment to the dispatch of my company. I was known about this only after I checked with the gadgetshieldz after couple of days as there was a weekend and a holiday in between and so wasnt expecting the product. Also, as the product was already delivered, gadgetshieldz.in dint have any details of the shipment (tracking number) and all it says is that the product is shipped. I must say they have a long way to go with their site and improve it so as to avoid these kinda hassles.

Long story short, I dint get my parcel as either my dispatch team miss placed it or the courier dint deliver it at all. A simple phone call to my number by the delivery boy wouldnt have caused all this issues. I went back to gadgetshieldz.in on this and they promised to re-ship the product which I have recieved today.

It was a nice guesture by them to re-ship it even though the source of loss is still unkonwn and they took it upon themselves as they couldnt deliver it to the rightful owner (me :p).



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Thats good. Just yesterday I posted on the thread about Nexus 7 about getting myself a screenguard for my N7.
This helped me remove any kind of hesitation that I had.

I will order my screenguard soon.

Do they have choice of delivery method? I don't want the incident happened to you to repeat for me!


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they have a column to communicate once ordered, or can even mail (mail id available in site) them after you order and instruct them clearly to send it through bluedart or dtdc. I think that should be hassle free.
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