1. abhidev

    Dying Light

    A new game from WB and Techland. Its Left for dead + Dead island + Mirrors Edge... And it looks awesome. Checkout it out. E3 Trailer Mk6BBoTnsuE Gameplay footage J2TSCZqcjR0
  2. Gollum

    Left 4 Dead 3?

    Now could this be real? Checkout the Link for youself
  3. B

    Motherboard dead or what....

    Hi People My cousins pc is not booting up at all I mean there is no display that comes up when I start the computer, It is a fairly new built he got it assembled at Laminton road. The config is MSI mobo fm2-a55m-e33,A4-5300 proccy,2 gb Ram, and el-chepo power supply. I have tried connecting the...
  4. U

    Wanted usb connector for ipod shuffle or the dead shuffle itself dead - 1st Gen

    As the thread title says, I am looking for a dead ipod shuffle or its USB connector. I have a 512MB shuffle 1st gen. whose usb connector went kaput and I cant really live without it! Any and every help will be appreciated. People from Delhi or Kanpur can really help as I can come and pickup!
  5. R

    DEAD PIXEL Dell S2240L

    Hi all, i just found a dead pixel on my screen , just one pixel hope more dont appear, is this common with LED monitors or sh i do something about it?
  6. Vyom

    Get BTTF on Humble Bundle Weekly!! :D (Also Walking Dead)

    Apologies for creating this thread. But I need to spread the word! One of the amazing thing have just happened! Back To The Future, the most awesome Time Travel movie's game have just been landed on Humble Bundle Weekly sale! And you can get the DRM free game for as low as $1 along...
  7. M

    AMD 8350 running at 1404 MHz .. what am I doing wrong?

    Hello, I just assembled a new PC of below config AMD FX 8350 ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Vengence 4gb 1TB WD HDD Sapphire 7770 1GB DDR5 Please find attached the CPU-Z screenshot. My System is running dead slow, I cant multi task and also my RAM shows 4GB (2.92GB Usable) Please HELP what have...
  8. T

    Sarabjit Singh dead

    Sarabjit Singh dead - The Hindu Wasn't this inevitable given the attitude of Congress-led government?
  9. shreymittal

    Chennai: 11 coaches of passenger train derailed; 2 feared dead

    According to sources, 11 coaches of the Mushafarpur-Yashwantpur Express train derailed near Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu. As per sources, 2 feared dead in the mishap and at least 29 feared injured : Source How they will run WiFi on trains.
  10. H

    #nowthatcherisdead being misinterpretrd by twitter as "now that cher is dead"

    Internet confused by “Nowthatchersdead” hashtag on Twitter - Now twitter is going meta and tweeting about the confusion caused by the hashtag.
  11. patkim

    try-outs - dead HDD

    I have a very old (> 10 yrs old) & dead 20 GB HDD that that I am about to throw away now. I however decided to open it and see if I can remove the disks / platters before throwing it away. As I inspect the opened HDD, when connected (using external HDD case) the disk rotates for a few seconds...
  12. Zangetsu

    Dead Space 3

    Dead Space 3 is an upcoming third person action-horror video game, developed by Visceral Games Developer(s) : Visceral Games Publisher(s) : Electronic Arts Composer(s) : Jason Graves, James Hannigan Series : Dead Space Engine : Visceral Engine Platform(s) : Microsoft Windows...
  13. quicky008

    What policy does Samsung India have for dead pixels?

    My Samsung B2030 LCD monitor has developed one dead pixel at the center of the screen-I've tried various methods to revive the stuck pixel but they have been of no use whatsoever.While looking for possible solutions to this issue on the web,I discovered that in countries like...
  14. ShankJ

    Extreme horror/Gore movies

    Suggest me some movies having extreme action/horror/gore.. Somewhat like orphan, Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, exorcist etc etc..:eeksign: Completely bored and want to download a few good movies.. Thanks..:listen:
  15. rockfella

    [For Sale] Crucial 1GB DDR2 + Kingston 512MB Desktop Memory

    Hi, These are highend crucials bought from KMD circa 2007/8. 2 sticks of 1gb each to be precise. I've not used them since 2010/11. They are great overclockers, however ONE OF THE STICK IS ALMOST DEAD (Boots only at 2.2V which makes it kinda dead) The other one works fine. Since i...
  16. rider

    The Walking Dead: The Game

    The Walking Dead: The Game Gameplay: The Walking Dead is a point-and-click adventure game, played from a third-person perspective with a variety of cinematic camera angles, in which the player, as the protagonist Lee Everett, works with a rag-tag group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse to...
  17. iChaitanya

    [For Sale] Partially dead XFX 8800GT

    For Sale! :-D Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Partially dead XFX 8800GT 512MB DDR3 Alpha Dog Edition (PV-T88P-YDF4) Price: 400 INR Time of Purchase: Bought in 2008, RMA'ed on 24-05-2011, partially dead and lying idle since March 2012. Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining...
  18. ranjitsd

    dead island goty buy

    is it worth buying dead island for 550 rsfrom greenmangaming Dead Island: Game of the Year | PC game | Download discounts at Green Man Gaming
  19. Hrishi

    [Urgent Help]Nokia N95 RM-320 Completely Dead.

    Its really disappointing for me to admit that I found my beloved Nokia N95 8GB dead yesterday. I am in no mood to buy any other phone :(. It was in pretty serious state as I had its flex cable somehow pinned to its socket in motherboard , which was actually sort of critically damaged.[From...
  20. Skud

    Hard Disk Seems Dead - Any way to revive and recover data?

    Well, the title says it all. My Seagate 2TB Green seems dead. Everything was fine till last night, but today all it is doing is giving some beeps and clicking sounds. The disk is not spinning after the sounds are over and not getting recognized any time even in BIOS. There was no system lock-up...
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