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#nowthatcherisdead being misinterpretrd by twitter as "now that cher is dead"


Internet confused by “Nowthatchersdead” hashtag on Twitter - Salon.com

Although it started as cruel satire celebrating the death of former U.K. prime minister Margaret Thatcher, some of the Internet is reading the “nowthatchersdead” hashtag on Twitter as “Now That Cher’s Dead.” (To be clear, Cher is not dead. Cher is very much alive.):

RIP Cher, you were an amazing singer. Do you believe in life after love was one of the all time greats. #nowthatchersdead

— Ryan Coburn (@iburnco) April 8, 2013
Seen a #nowthatchersdead tweet. Is Cher dead?!?!?!!!

— Gabriel Himme (@GabrielHimme) April 8, 2013


Now twitter is going meta and tweeting about the confusion caused by the hashtag.
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