1. I

    Split colin spray in pc cabinet

    Spilt colin spray in pc cabinet Hi guys, I'm panicking a bit right now cos I was cleaning my desk with colin spray today and stupidly removed the top cap. I accidentally split about quarter of the small colin bottle on my pc case while the power was switched off. Thankfully most of the liquid...
  2. maverick786us

    My newly purchased Lumia 930 broke

    I purchased my Lumia 930 in November 1, 2014. But it accidentally slipped from my hands, when I was taking it from my pocket, fell on the solid tiles and there are 2 big cracks on the screen. The screen is completely malfunctioning and dead. However, when I purchased my Lumia, the dealer got...
  3. H

    Desktop showing no display

    Hey Guys, I have recently shifted to a new city and had sent my desktop via Movers and Packers. Now i tried to connect my desktop to TV (which previously was working great), there is no display output. I ave checked both the HDMI cable and HDMI port of TV. THey are are working fine. Also i...
  4. coderunknown

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [PC/Xbox360/PS3]

    Announcing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel So 2K & Gearbox have finally confirmed that the new game is indeed going to be called "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel" and will take place in Pandora's moon. As this is a pre-sequel (may call it Borderlands 1.5), it'll take place before between the events...
  5. tkin

    How do I damage a HDD intentionally?

    Don't laugh at the title, my Seagate HDD was showing replaced sector for a few months, they increase 1-2 every week, when it reached about 30 and crashed my OS twice/epic BSOD, caused data corruption(AC3 save game lost :() I took to to service who rejected it as it passed seagate check tool, now...
  6. blackpearl

    Macro extension tubes

    Anybody have any experience using them? I want to know if the ones available on ebay at Rs500 or less any good? I know they aren't auto focus, but are they going to damage my camera mounts. The other option is to get an auto-focus one, but they are expensive. There is a Vivitar one for Rs5000...
  7. A

    Hard disk not detected!

    I was using one of my hard disk until yesterday afternoon and decided to take a break, in the evening I installed my newly bought graphics card and booted up the pc, initially my 2nd hard disk and my DVD Rom did not show up, after trying all available combinations, I got the DVD writer to work...
  8. nick191

    Which WARRANTY plan is best for LAPTOP ?

    Hi guys,i am gone buy DELL laptop by this week and Dell is already giving 1 Year Accidental Damage Services with Premium Phone Support I just want to know which warranty plan i have to choose ? 1) 2 Year Accidental Damage Services with Premium Phone Support (For Rs.4700/-) 2) 3 Year Accidental...
  9. A

    Lightning-proofing a laptop

    I have recently had the misfortune of losing a laptop through lightning damage. I still cant be sure if the damage came through the mains(my plug socket is still working fine) , or through the modem(Ethernet connection). The modem itself doesn't seem to be fried though. Can anyone suggest...
  10. techno

    Laptop cooler for 1k&14inch laptop....

    I Have a HP Probook 14inch8-) Laptop...Its Becoming very hot around 60 c just within 30 minitues after turning on no gaming nor movie playing or too many apps are running at the same time but it becomes hot i am worried it can damage my hardwares plz suggest the BEST LAPTOP COOLER:cry: with in...
  11. K

    Best mobile other than galaxy S2

    I had galaxy s2 but sold bcos of some physical damage! can any one suggest me best mobile other than S2!
  12. CA50

    [Want to Buy] HDD with broken ports

    Hi friends, I am looking for HDD, which have got broken ports (power/data). The HDD must be working though. Anyone willing to dispose their damage HDD, kindly PM me or post over here. TIA
  13. A

    file/folder sync software

    We have 5 PC connected with internet/LAN. I want to store the files/folders on 2 computers simultaneously through synchronization software for safety in accidental damage. In this regard, let me know about best available synchronization software available for us.
  14. Sarath

    CPU fan speed is "zero". Problem?

    I just got a message saying that the CPU fan speed has reduced to zero. In easier terms the CPU fan stopped spinning. This happened spontaneously. The PC has been on for many hours now; almost 8hours with intermittent switching to sleep mode. Could it be the cause? I have a i5 2500k on a...
  15. saswat23

    Damaging a PC.

    One of my friend has a celeron PC with 128mb RAM and 20gb HDD which he is not using. Its very old so, no one is intrested to buy it. Now, the matter is that he has challanged me if i can damage the PC without actually affecting the H/W within minutes. So, can anyone of you suggest how to do...
  16. yomanabhi

    Good idea to laminate touch screens?

    i want to buy and laminate my nokia 5235 will the lamination will cause damage to the screen?? will it reduce the life of phone? will it reduce its touch response?:-?:???::?
  17. ajai5777

    Is there any way to provide surge protection in phone line ?

    Its my 4th modem got burned in lightning :x.Unfortunately my lan port also damaged this time.I am using BSNL connection.Please suggest me a solution to avoid damage of modem through lightning.BSNL people recommend to disconnect phone line when lightning.But thats not possible every time.
  18. Hsakarp_kahtap

    can i use single monitor with multiple system

    I am having two rig now one is new amd hexa core and old one intel dual core. with LG 19" Lcd with DVI and D-sub Connector .My question is can i use multiple system connected with the same LCD. One SyStem will boot at one time.Will it cause any damage to my another motherboard as they both...
  19. clmlbx

    got 7.5k which phone ?

    well I am looking forward to Nokia 5230 ? any other phones I should look for How to use gps? what is procedure to activate it or so and what is damage
  20. M

    Is it worth taking Dell Service: Hardware Maintenance Accidental Damage Protection

    Guys, I'm planning to buy DELL STUDIO 15 was checking there website and came through this customization option for Dell Service: Hardware Maintenance :- 1) 3 Years Complete Cover Accidental Damage Protection [add Rs.8,509.64]. 2) 2 Years Complete Cover Accidental Damage Protection [add...
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