1. giprabu

    will games be fine on amd's x6 in future ??

    Will future dx11 games be able to use all 6 six cores in amd's X6 proccessor ??
  2. giprabu

    Has anyone unlocked the hidden cores in Amd's X6 processor ?!!!!

    First of all is it possible ? If so .... after unlocking will there be 8 cores???:???:
  3. K

    FUTURE Processors:From 6 TO 16 Cores ( Intel VS AMD)

    It no secret to anyone anymore that AMD and Intel has rolled out their six-core processors for desktop platforms.!!!! At this point six-core server CPUs are available from both manufacturers. AMD Company offers six-core Opteron processors known as Istanbul that are based on 45 nm...
  4. celldweller1591

    AMD announced 6-Core Processor for Desktops

    AMD today announced the availability of a new six-core desktop processor and platform to accompany it, which includes a new chipset and support for hobbyists who like to tweak their processors to the limits of their heat sink and warranty. The Phenom II X6, codenamed "Thuban," ranges in...
  5. L

    [DIGIT TEST CENTRE] Sneak Peek - Intel Core i7 980 Extreme

    We just got our hands on Intel's much awaited Gulftown, aka the Core i7 980 Extreme. For those who don't know, this CPU is based on a new 32nm fabrication process and features 6 cores running at a whopping 3.33 GHz, which many will recall is the same speed that the i7 975 Extreme chip runs at...
  6. topgear

    Intel Demos Single Chip with 48 Cores

    Intel's latest prototype could eventually see what you're doing while dancing in front of the monitor. Intel announced that company researchers demonstrated an experimental, 48-core processor--dubbed the "single-chip cloud computer"--that will supposedly pave the way for future generations of...
  7. paroh

    processor size vs graphic card size

    The processor are so much small in size but the size of the graphic card are are so much bigger in size as compare to the processor. I think now is the time that graphic card work can be taken up by the processor it self. For example i7 contains 4-6 cores. now four cores for processing and...
  8. sxyadii

    100 Core Processor

    Four Times faster than Intel Nehalem-Ex.
  9. G

    A dual core Sempron for Rs. 1950 only

    Source : Hardware enthusiasts all over the place were thrilled to hear the news, back in February, that triple core AMD processors could be unlocked by some motherboards to gain an extra processing core. But it turns out that...
  10. R

    Logic behind disabled cores?

    Hello guys. I recently read reviews of some triple and dual core processors from AMD. some of them (Mostly triple core processors) are quad cores with one or two cores disabled. So, my question is why do they disable those cores? Just to avoid an architecture change or is it a part of...
  11. S

    Intel Core i5 Lynnfield 2.66 GHz Tested

    Intel's quad-core Core i5 2.66 GHz processor based on the Lynnfield core, was tested on an Intel reference-design P55 motherboard (DIBX_CRB) by forum members of XFastest. The processor accompanies 2.80 GHz and 2.93 GHz variants higher up in the series, and is expected to be priced at $196 The...
  12. A

    Intel reveals some MORE Nehalem information at recent Core i7 presentation

    Yep, you guessed it. Another Nehalem article to satisfy your undying needs. ;) *the new info is in the second half of the overview* Intel reveals some more Nehalem information at recent Core i7 presentation Source...
  13. comp@ddict

    Intel Unveils Most POWERFUL CHIP

    The WORLD's largest Chipmaker Intel Corporation on Tuesday unveiled its most powerful SIX-CORE microprocessor designed and developed at its India development centre. The 45nm chip boasts of 1.9 BILLION transistors, six processing cores and 16MB of shared memory in the XEON family. The...
  14. johnjjx

    AMD R680 RV620 RV635 Graphics Cores

    Get ready to enter 2008 with a bang: AMD has a bunch of GPUs on the way AMD's newest R680 graphics processor might look a whole lot like the ill-fated R600 GPU, but the reality couldn't be more bizarre. Instead of one 80nm behemoth-of-a-GPU, the R680 consists of two 55nm processor cores...
  15. debsuvra

    AMD Phenom 9500 and 9600 tasted, not a match for Intel!

    Today Tom's Hardware Guide had tested the New Phenom Quad cores from AMD stable. These new quad cores are slated to release in first quarter of 2008. The benchmark shows that, Phenom 9500 is almost 13.5% less performer than Intel Q6600. So intel lovers, u need not to worry. AMD cannot take...
  16. Anindya

    XP HOME doesnt support multip[le cores?

    I recently got hold of a XP HOME edition. While trying to find out the diff. between PRO and HOME i came to know that HOME doesnt support more than 1 cores among other things. Is it true or has that been changed?
  17. debsuvra

    Have some basic questions about processor and SLI

    I have two noobish questions :D The first one is about dual core and quad core processors. Let's take an example. In a intel Q6600, there are 4 operating cores. The speed of the proccy is 2.33 GHz. My question is that if four cores are working simultaneously @ 2.33 GHz each or the sum of the...
  18. anandk

    Intel readies massive multi(80)core processors.

    Researchers at Intel are working on ways to mask the intricate functionality of massive 80 core processor chips to make it easier for computer makers and software developers to adapt to them, said Jerry Bautista, co-director of Intel's Tera-scale Computing Research Program. These multicore...
  19. A

    AMD, Intel duel goes slash

    Intel might be the current CPU champ, but AMD's not throwing in the towel. Both companies are expected to announce significant price cuts next month on their existing processors, ahead of quad-core introductions. Intel is tipped to trim between 20 and 40 percent from the prices of several...
  20. kirangp

    Intel drops a Nehalem bomb on AMD's Fusion

    At a press meeting today, Intel's Pat Gelsinger also made a number of high-level disclosures about the successor to Penryn, the 45nm Nehalem core. Unlike Penryn, which is a shrink/derivative of Core 2 Duo (Merom), Nehalem is architected from the ground up for 45nm. This is a major new...
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