1. A

    Does more core matters

    Guys what do you think : 1. Does increasing cores beyond two will increase the performance considerable? 2. Does any desktop user needs more than two cores? 3. Do you need it? Don't say yes coz you are a hardcore gamer but do you really need it?
  2. D

    Joke of the day: AGEIA Hints at Multi-PPU Plans

    Source XbitLabs reports AGEIA may have dual-PPU plans for its PhysX hardware physics accelerator card. The latest drivers reveal a revised hardware scene manager that allows multiple PhysX cards to operate in tandem to deliver greater physics acceleration capabilities. According to the article...
  3. K

    P4 with dual core?!

    My friend is getting a pc assembled for 25k. So he went to a shop to figure out a proper configuration. In the configuration given by dealer, the processor was a Pentium4 2.6 with dual core. I thought that only pentium D and Core 2 Duo had dual cores. Is it possible for a Pentium 4 to have dual...
  4. jamyang312

    components 4 35k

    plz tell me an amd processor, motherboard, ram, gfx card. wat is the cost of various amd dual cores?? thanx
  5. nil_3

    Difference between HT processors and Dual Core processors

    What is the difference between HT processors and Dual Core processors? I have heard that to enjoy the fruits of Hyperthreading, both the OS and the application software should be HT-enabled? Whether the same is equally applicable to Dual-Core processors or it is not at all necessary in this...
  6. S

    which core to buy???

    hey guys i want to buy an athlon xo 64 3000+ or 3200+ but the problem is that in delhi the venice core is not available which i believe is the best among the available cores. the available cores are newcastle barton and winchester so which one should i buy btw i would be using it for...
  7. M


    guys want the specs of the AMD 64 3200+ socket 939.are there different cores to it?
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