1. A

    Wi fi connectivity-modem versus mobile phones

    My bsnl modem connects in wi fi to all my phones as also the lappie but my tp link modem only connects to my phones and not the lappie in wi fi mode.please help
  2. ITTechPerson

    Desktop keep searching for 'Identifying' network but unable to connect through Router

    I am using internet broadband provided by local cable network, they have installed an optical fiber lan to connect. It works fine with the desktops. I have installed a Router with wifi for our network to share the same bandwidth. Now all the laptops connects smoothly by wifi. If I connect any...
  3. T

    Weird Networking issues

    i am a tikona broadband user. i have a wired ethernet cable attached to the back of my laptop. i have to login to tikona's website everytime i log on to my laptop after a while. i use dual boot , windows vista home basic 32-bit & ubuntu 12.04 LTS. In Windows Vista, when i plug in the RJ-45 then...
  4. C

    Unable to use ethernet and WI-FI simultaneously

    I have been using Dlink 2750U for some time now. I was using usb wireless card on PC to connect to modem/router but it couldn't connect properly over long distance so I started using internet through ethernet on my PC. Now, the problem is when I am using internet on my PC (ethernet) wifi stops...
  5. Radhesh Bhoot

    Wi-fi Direct is not working on HTC One V

    Hello Friends, I have recently purchased the HTC One V cell phone and everything is going fine except WI-FI Direct feature...i can't transfer anything through it.... i have tested it with Samsung Galaxy S II i9100, it connects but doesn't send anything.... Have anyone faced this problem...
  6. mohityadavx

    See software connect which website

    I an using a software which connects to internet everytime I launch it. How can I see which website it connects to before being launched?
  7. IronCruz

    Tired of Searching!!

    Tell me the name of cable that is used in Headphones? The wire with 3 thin colored wires, which connects headphone speakers to 3.5mm male!!!
  8. C

    Bluetooth connectivity

    Hello, I have a china USB Bluetooth dongle attached(Rs.150/-) to my desktop. I have both windows 7 ultimate and windows xp installed. Initially, the bluetooth connected with my phones without trouble in XP. But it wouldn't connect in Windows 7. Then suddenly, this problem got swapped. Now...
  9. dashing.sujay

    Couple of problems/queries.

    1) I've created a dial up connection to connect from my phone. I've set the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + C to directly connect. But my question is how to create a shortcut which will directly disconnect the connection? 2) Whenever I connect the above connection, my PC hangs for some 10 secs, IDK...
  10. NewsBytes

    Computex 2011: Vodafone unveils an Android powered web box running the Opera browser [Video]

    Vodafone has converged the TV and the mobile phone platform and integrated them into a WebBox. Here's presenting an Android enabled device which connects to your TV and uses the Vodafone GSM network to browse the web. It's basically a keyboard with a single cable (for video and audio) which...
  11. hellknight

    Need Capture card for PC

    Hey guys, I ordered a new PC for my Mamaji consisting of the following hardware AMD Athlon II X4 645 Biostar TA 785 mobo 4 GB DDR3 RAM 22" AOC F22 LCD 500 GB HDD Sony SATA DVD RW Gigabyte Superb PSU Cooler Master Elite 310 cabinet Wipro UPS Now, he has a Panasonic MD 10000 video...
  12. T

    Acquiring Network Address Problem.

    I recently bought a DLink router. Anyway while trying to setup the wlan, if I select the WPA2 encryption and dont put any ip address on the netbook then it keeps showing the ANA. But if i put the ip then it connects. Again if I dont put any encryp then it connects without any ip also. Please...
  13. kool

    Nokia 5230. How GPS connects?

    Guys, Recently i used Google Map on my friends Nokia E63 via airtel GPRS. And it really helped in our Delhi-Jaipur trip. Now i want to know about GPS of Nokia 5230, how it connects? and how it works? Do i need any separate GPS device to connect nokia 5230 GPS? if not why it search for...
  14. icekid

    Vista connects internet automatically

    My System: Inspiron Desktop 530 OS: Vista RAM: 2GB Intel Core to duo. Problem: Internet connects automatically in Windows Vista and I cannot disconnect. When I forcefully disconnect i.e switch of the modem a message comes up "Remote connection problem" or something. I did a virus scan using...
  15. Cool G5

    Wvdial Problems - Net connects but unable to browse or chat

    YUM giving me problems I connected my mobile as a modem using the WVDIAL Method. The phone connects to the net but I am unable to surf or use any application which uses the net. I tried disabling SE Linux but it didn't work either. Any suggestions?
  16. X

    Firefox maliciuos website ...

    Hello, I read in another forum that a well known *ahem* site now pops up a malicious website message in Firefox 3.And indeed it does.I checked it myself. Now I want to know how come Firefox does it ? I mean when we type a site address in the browser it connects to the DNS server,gets the ip of...
  17. eggman

    Can't download through Torrents, however It connects

    Hello friends I have an wi-fi connection provided by college!! Now when I try to download a file through torrent, the downloading doesn't start at all.I've tried it for many different torrents, each time the result is same!!! like in the pic However it correctly tells the amount of...
  18. salilrane

    Unable to use Internet through Mobile

    I am Unable to use Internat through Mobile at home via Airtel GPRS, I am using Nokia 3230 & N72 , Both mobile Fails through PC for connect Internet. No Error Message Appear. I have tried By Bluetooth Dongle, PC suite 7.0 , PC suite Uninstalled & reinstalled also Direct connected form Dial Up (...
  19. smile

    Help Help Plzz Help?

    Hi..... Guys :) I have Youtelecom Brod band connection and speed is 96 K bps . The problem is when i enter any websites address it doesn't connected only after three to four times i refresh then it connects :( happens both in IE & FF , I scan my system , reinstall Firefox , infact when i...
  20. rahulbalmuri

    How to Schedule Internet Connection???????????

    hiiiiiiiii friends i am ussing BSNl Broadband..... i hav night unlimited plan so i want a software that automatically connects to the internet at specified time or date .... pls tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
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