1. patkim

    CD In / Aux connector

    I used to connect a cable from back panel of CD/DVD drive to the CD In/aux 4 pin connector on the mobo with onboard sound. I guess the CD rippers would read the data thru this connector. newer mobos do not have this 4 pin CD in/aux connector. Will CD ripping still be possible without use of...
  2. sarathsnair

    usb connector in wd external hdd

    guys please tell the type of usb connector present in Western Digital My passport essential SE 1 TB. ? is it commonly available ?
  3. vinayan

    is my Ethernet dead?

    Hi all.. i need your help.. there was a lightning last week when i was not home and my parents said that there was a burning smell from my modem..when i tried to connect to internet, it worked through the USB connector..but the LAN light from the modem is not blinking now...i really want to...
  4. K

    Quick question on a GPU upgrade - is it worthy ?

    Hello all, I own a 4 yr old Geforce 7600GS 256 MB PCI-E card and looking to upgrade the same to play some new games.. problem here is i want to do this without having to upgrade my CPU/mobo/RAM/PSU My current system spec. Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice core Asus A8N-VM CSM mobo...
  5. T

    USB Connector for 1TB Ext HDD

    Hello, My roommate lost the USB 2.0 connector for his 1 TB External Hard Drive. The USB 2.0 connector was a Type A to Type B. Refer to this link in case you're confused : USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male 6 ft, Black: Electronics The 1 TB drive is a Buffalo DriveStation™...
  6. Faun

    No PS/2 connector

    Asus Z68 V Pro doesn't have any PS/2 connector. How much will this affect installing OS, will the keyboard be recognized ? Anyone have any experience with this ?
  7. nbaztec

    Implications of Running HD 6870 on CX400

    The title says all. Plus since CX400 lacks a PCI-E connector, I'd require a Molex-to-PCIe connector. Suggestions welcome.
  8. N

    Processor core power connector (2 x 2)

    I have Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL and Corsair VX550 PSU Below is the layout of board. here G as per manual means Processor core power connector (2 x 2) now where is that ****ing connector in PSU ? there is NO SUCH 2x2 connector.
  9. V

    Help needed on USB to TV connector

    I am looking for a USB to TV connector (USB port at one end and AV jack at the other end)of some sort so that I can play video files in my pen drive in a TV.I have seen USB ports in dvd players and some Television sets.My TV does not have USB port and I already have a dvd player.I dont want to...
  10. Krow

    Brainwavz M1 - value for money earphones

    Brainwavz M1 review - excellent bang-for-buck earphones I have spent the last few months drooling over audio gear, stalking several audiophiles on the internet. I also spent hours in the bathroom fantasising about writing product reviews. But it was only post my tryst with the Brainwavz M1 that...
  11. gauravsuneja

    (help) has anybody used iPad 5in1 connector

    Has anybody among us using iPad 5-1 iPad camera connector ? How is it ? Can u tell me where to buy it in India ?
  12. quicky008

    The mystery of the missing connector pin!

    I have a spare intex 450 Watt PSU lying around at my house.Its almost new and I had used it with my PC for about 2 months.Today,as i was examining it closely,i noticed something rather strange about one of its power connectors.I saw that one of the wires was missing from the connector which goes...
  13. M

    Connecting 2 Case fans to Mobo

    Hi Recently I purchased the PC with following config: AMD X6 1090T Gagabyte 880GM-UD2h 2*2 GB DDR3 1333 1 TB HDD Cooler Master K100 Corsair VX450 My Case comes with 2 120mm fans (Rear & Front). :razz: Can any one tell me how to connect the 2 fans to my...
  14. F

    Cheap SMPS recommendation

    Hi, Using the online wattage calculator, I figure that my config shall require not more than 300W at peak performance. No OC on my rig, and no add-on GPU card, and pretty lean on peripherals, so that explains the low power. However, I am stuck with an issue that my MoBo needs both 24pin...
  15. G

    Is this Phone good for Rs.7500.

    Hello friends, What do you think about this phone HP iPAQ voice messenger for Rs.7500. Is there any better phone at this price. And does this have a 3.5mm earplug connector? *
  16. W

    Graphics card under 5k.

    :banghead: I have scanned all onl9 stores for Gcards.. Im running crazy due to choices... plz guys help me to choose one for my modest rig: Intel e5200 @ 2.8 Ghz Gigabyte GA-G31M-E2SL 1 GB RAM 450 w PSU (Widout PCIe connector) 17" MONITOR (VGA INPUT)... I need to play games such as COD4...
  17. patkim

    Using front audio header on mobo

    Wish to know how to setup and use Front Panel audio. It’s very old mobo M7NCG. It has a 10 Pin Audio connector on mobo. Currently jumpers are installed as required to have back panel in action. When no jumpers installed manual says --> Audio, line out and mic in signals are available for...
  18. hdsk.23

    Strange 4GB RAM Problem....

    Hello Everybody I have recently installed the 2GB(1X2) and now current total RAM is 4GB. OS is Windows XP 32-bit My motherboard specs are: " CPU AMD Socket 939 Athlon64/Athlon64 FX/Athlon64 X2/ Processors AMD Cool 'n' Quiet™ Technology Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6100 + nForce 410 System...
  19. rakesh_sharma23

    [FS] PC fans

    Hi Few fans for sale all in working condition. 3 x 40mm(3 pin connector) @ Rs 200/- each 1 x 50mm(3 pin connector) @ Rs 100/- 1 x Cooler master 80mm (3 pin connector) @ Rs 200/- 1 x Cooler master 80mm (3 pin connector)with speed controler @ Rs 250/- Actual Shipping extra. Thanks
  20. saqib_khan

    Which PSU under 3k

    Hi all, Recommend me the best PSU under 3k. It should be under 3k. It should have 6 pin PCI E connector. I m thinking to buy a graphic card therefore. BTW, I wud be buying 4770. So it requires 6 pin power connector, right? Thnx.
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