1. Dipen01

    Where can i find this Connector..?

    I need this because LPT port of my Motherboard has gona faulty..And ym old Dotmatrix printer supports only LPT so..i wont this connector by help of which i can connect it to my USB port.. Thanx..
  2. C

    Any good hardware servicing center in hyd

    Last week my friend's computer had some problem to which his system restarted momentarily, so he opened his cabinet , removed the 24 pin connector from motherboard and placed in again , changed some jumper settings and switched on the system. He saw some smoke coming out from the PSU connector i...
  3. dheeraj_kumar

    USB ports....

    I have 3 USB devices- Keyboard, Mouse and Printer. I have only 2 ports. I have 2 PS2 ports but they're kinda loose so sometimes the devices dont work. is there any connector or something that can be used to plug in 3 devices in 2 ports?
  4. G

    Problem concerning PSU!!!

    Guys, I thank all of u out htere who'd helped me. But I do need ur help once again. Most of you have suggested that the 400W Powersafe psu wont match for the 3500+ and 7900GT combo. Fine. 1.But does that really imply I would be unable to run the rig fine on that power? 2.So far I...
  5. vandit

    com port

    I m using a external modem which is connected to COM port 1..... through a 9 pin connector....but I want to connect another device onto this com port and also run my modem simulteanously.... can it be done.... ok instead of connecting both on the same port,,,, can we connect the modem to any...
  6. ymhatre

    Cable Information needed.....

    Can this cable be used in connecting CPU to HDTV or Tv ie having such 3 Rca connector (Y, Pr, Pb)...
  7. J

    Digital audio port

    hi all, where is two pin digital audio output port at the back side of cd drive connected...i mean the motherboard have no such connector. All guys connect using 3 pin analog connector!!! thax
  8. startmenu

    Browsing net via FC4

    Undetered by the problems I faced to configure my internet connections in KUBUNTU I installed FC4 to learn linux and here i am with the problem of net accessing in FC4 . I use broadband internet connection, the modem provided by my service provider is " Terayon eMTA DOCSIS Modem " and i use...
  9. a_to_z123

    80-pin and 40-pin IDE Cable

    Hullo Guys!!! Recently the slave connector of my IDE cable got damaged. so I thought to replace the cable with the one I got with my CD-Writer. Now I saw that the one which came with CD-Writer has thick wires than the older one and also they are less in number. But the connector socket is...
  10. W

    Cabinet Fan - Extra 4-pin connector ?

    Hi, My cabinet came with a fan fixed at the rear, in the space below the SMPS. This fan does not have the 3-pin connector of the type needed to get power from my ATX motherboard, and would need to be powered by the SMPS. For power, there are two wires (red and black) extending from the...
  11. S

    USB Connector In P3

    Hello Everyone :) [b]How can i Put USB connector in my PC so that i can use USB data cable for data transfer through my PC.[/b]or is there any other way to transfer data through my pc using cable. I have a P3 with follwoing confinguration. Mercruy mother board(kobain), intel 866MHz...
  12. D

    ATX Power

    I jus noticed that the Asus K8N-E has a 4-pin ATX power connector apart from the normal Big power an owner of a 815e(yeah, 815e yeah shut up!) :oops: :wink: which has only the big connector, and as some1 who's gonna upgrade to an asus k8n-3 motherboard, what are those 4 pins...
  13. dOm1naTOr

    Xtra cooling fan don't show rpm

    I bought a new additional cooling fan for my machine. But it had only 12v molex power connector, and cannot be connected to the pin in MB for the fan connector. So I'm only able to know the speed of my stock CPU fan only . How can I know the speed of my new fan?????
  14. P

    PSU to new Asus SLi mobo

    I'm planning to buy Asus A8N-E Deluxe mobo. I have read that it requires 24 pin power connector (ATX 2.0) instead of normal 20 pin power connector. What should I do if I have older PSU with 20 pin connector?? Should I have to replace it??
  15. B

    Usb pin numbers

    I screwed up my front usb port ........big time. Well i wat just cleaning up the cabnet from inside While doing so i pulled out the front usb connector connected on to the mobo and hell tat thing broke out in to peaces. The connector which is rectangular (the female set) sitting on the...
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