1. bukaida

    Where is the 4 pin 12V ATX Power supply

    I have unpacked my corsair vs 450 psu today. I have an original Intel 865 GBF motherboard and a P4 2.4 GHz CPU. The motherboard is ATX and require a ATX 12V connector (4 pin) in addition to the 20 Pin connector. My problem is that, I could not locate such connector in this PSU (unlike my local...
  2. R

    Can anyone tell me what my pc is capable of ? Please

    hello.......please omit my mistakes since it is my first thread here.... anyways now ill come to my point... i have a pc having specifications... direct link for list is [in html] Download File - heaven.html - Freeware Share and in written it is... CPU-Z TXT Report...
  3. sahil1033

    SATA Power Connector Extension

    Bought this and now SATA power connector is not enough long to reach the card. Can anyone suggest me from where can I get SATA Power Connector Extension online? p.s. - I tried searching it in local shops.
  4. bajaj151

    USB 3.0 CONNECTOR problem

    My Deepcool fan controller have 2*USB 3.0 ports. But on my motherboard (MSI 890GXM G65), there is no USB 3.0 connector (Available: 4*USB 2.0 connector) How to get these 2 ports 3.0 or 2.0 mode ?
  5. N

    My First Buy

    Hi guys i've ordered a Radeon HD4870 512mb GDDR5 graphics card from and the seller told me that i'll be needing a 2 molex to 6 pin PCI-e connector as it doesn't comes inside the box. I have a standard 450W Zebronics power supply and i know i'll surely be needing that connector cable? The...
  6. S

    Please help on programming/software/mysql

    Hi. I have to create a software/application which will help me in extracting data from excel sheets and perform certain calculations on a daily basis. It should 2 options. 1 is to enter data and 2nd is to view reports which will be generated by excel. Right now I have been advised to use the...
  7. S

    Can I extend the eps12v connector cable ?

    My Cooler Master Elite 431 is on the way.. I don't think my Odyssey 450W PSU's eps12v connector will be able to connect to my motherboard. If I extend the cable with or without a connector , if there any problem with that ?

    PCI-E 6 PIN Connector connected into EPS 8 PIN. Help needed.

    Friends. I dont have much knowledge about connections. Yesterday i thought of cleaning my pc. I opened the cabinet and all the connections for cleaning the dust out. (i think i exactly remember all the connections how they were. One 24 pin, one 6 pin into 8 pin plot, one 6 pin for graphics.) i...
  9. N

    4 pin ATX Power Connectors for my new build

    Hi, I just built a new PC with the following configuration: Processor: Intel Pentium G630 Sandy bridge Motherboard: Asus P8B75-V Graphics card: Sapphire Radeon HD7750 RAM: 12 GB HDD: 1 TB Western Digital Green Caviar Optical Drive: Asus 24X DVDRW PSU: 450W iball My motherboard has...
  10. B

    How many volts/amps is in 6 pin PCIe?

    My power supply, cooler master extreme power plus 600w has two 18A/12 volt rails and two 6 pin PCIe power connectors. I bought xfx HD 6750 1GB DDR5 few days back it comes with one 6 pin PCIe connector. I knew CM600 is not a good PSU, only 70% efficient but i hope it can power up HD 6750...
  11. R

    Intel DH67CL + Corsair GS600 : 2x2 12v missing ?

    Help ! First day of children's summer holidays. We are trying to build my PC. I'm using Intel DH67CL mobo and the Corsair GS600. I can't find the 2x2 12V power connector from the PSU. The Intel mobo says clearly that I can damage the board if I don't connect the 2x2 12V power supply...
  12. techbulb

    help with ps3 connection

    hey i want to connect my ps3 with my old vga lcd moniter screen which connector should i get
  13. A

    pc upgrade configuration

    HI FOR I3 should i go for h61or h67chipset..????? also suggest some mobo options in the best category....also wanna know about the current price for i3+(h61 or h67)+kingston 4gb ram+dvd drive combination in chennai. i do have old case and HDD of 160gb....also can i get a usb connector for...
  14. L

    USB 3.0 Internal Connector

    I have CM HAF932. I want to own USB 3.0 Internal Connector as CM HAF932 advance has it. From where can i purchase in market or throught net ?
  15. sunny4691

    How To- 3 Pin Fan To 4 Pin Molex

    Hello Guys, I don't know whether this will be useful or not but i thought someone in need may find it useful. So let me start, As i was shifting my rig from my old case to my recently bought Lancool Dragonlord k62, i found that my mobo will only support 3 fans whereas the k62 had 4 fans, so i...
  16. Skynaveen

    GT 220 overclocked from 625 Mhz to 815Mhz.

    My Nvidia Geforce GT220 from XFX is running stable at 815Mhz after overclocking from 625Mhz. The temperature after a lot of gaming is still around 60 degrees. Does increasing voltage change the performance ?:? And also I dont think it needs a power connector as it has no port. But the...
  17. utkarsh009

    where to connect the cpu fans

    I have the same motherboard as listed in my signature. I have on fan on the front side of cpu and one fan on back side of CPU. I have an NB_FAN connector and a SYS_FAN connector on my motherboard. Which fan should I connect in which port? Help fast!!!
  18. Alok

    Dvi gpu on vga monitor

    Hi !! My friend has Dell in 1910n. As shown below it has vga connection. He wanna buy a gpu which has only dvi and hdmi connector. So what to do now ? Any kind of converter ? If yes then any problem with that?? Please help.
  19. U

    Motherboard with internal USB 3.0 connector

    I am planing to buy a sandy bridge i3 2100, I am also planning to buy a motherboard having USB 3.0 internal connector so I can have USB 3.0 on front side of a cabinet. There are many motherboards having USB 3.0 at back, but I found Gigabyte GA-P67X-UD3-B3 motherboard with internal connector...
  20. ajayritik

    Need 3.5 MM connector for Samsung Corby

    I have a Samsung corby and I lost the connector which will enable me to use a 3.5 MM Earphones to the Corby. Is there anyway I can get this somewhere. I tried searching in google but didn't find anything there. Something like the one in the below link...
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