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Intel DH67CL + Corsair GS600 : 2x2 12v missing ?


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Help !

First day of children's summer holidays. We are trying to build my PC.

I'm using Intel DH67CL mobo and the Corsair GS600. I can't find the 2x2 12V power connector from the PSU.

The Intel mobo says clearly that I can damage the board if I don't connect the 2x2 12V power supply (above left of the processor).

The Corsair PSU doesn't have a 2x2 connector. It only has
ATX 20/24 pin compatible
EPX/ATX 12v 4-pin & 8 Pin compatible
PCI-e 6 & 8 pin compatible
Sata, 4-pin and floppy power connectors

Do I need a different PSU, or do I need to run the mobo without the 2x2 12v connector and hope I don't damage the computer ?

Would greatly appreciate the advice.



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I have bought siimlar combination and got it assembled by Ritchie street vendor.. I have issues in Win 7 (freezes)... Linux seems to be working fine.

My config:

i5 2320
Corsair GS 600
CM Elite 310
LG DVD 22x
No Graphics card
WD 500 G

Win 7 Home Edition + Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu working fine
Win 7.. worked fine for 15 days.. last 2 days its freezing within couple of actions.

Let me know if you have made progress
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