Mobile Data Problem - Moto G


Hi all,
I am using BSNL 3G SIM on my Moto G. Since last couple of months I've observed that the phone is having problems connecting to mobile data even with full signal strength.
Also, when the APN selected is BSNLLIVE, the mobile data is allowing Internet connectivity using Chrome browser but apps are not able to connect. Apps are able to connect only when APN is BSNLNET.
I'm having no problems when connected to WiFi.
Any suggestions?
Thanks & Regards


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It could be that BSNLLIVE is the wap service and BSNLNET is the actual internet service. BTW 1st gen or 2nd gen?


This is problem of BSNL and have nothing to do with Moto g or any other phone. Switch to Airtel/vodafone.
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