1. B

    Resuming downloads in firefox

    Hi Guys, I want to download a rom file from some site. It's size is in gb's. Due to the slow bandwidth of my internet connection I will be able to do that in a couple of days since the rom is not available on torrents. I tried few download managers and they do not resume the download from...
  2. N

    Video Feedback

    Just completed making a motivational video * Need some feedback about the video editing.
  3. S

    Your Reading Progress / Backlog

    Hello all! While there is a thread for movies and games thought I'd make one for books. You can also rate the movies on a scale of ten Here goes mine:- Backlog Five point someone 2 states Completed 3 mistakes of my life - 7.9/10: a nice book to read. Plenty of humour and also an...
  4. alex00888

    Completed 10+2 .... Dunno what to do ahead! Totally confused !

    Hey guys! Iam from j&k. I recently completed my 10+2. And now I've no idea what to do ahead. I would love to go for BCA but there so much syllabus of mathematics in it and i am very dull in maths. I am currently learning C(3month course) and don't have much knowledge about programming. Are...
  5. M

    Job bas on PGDCA

    hello friend im ignou MCA 3rd year student i completed my PGDCA (2 sem of mca) Just now i want go for job so what job i can get bas on PGDCA? Tx
  6. V

    Firmware upgrade

    If while upgrading my lg 32lm6400's firmware there is a power cut and the operation couldn't be completed. So will my t.v be bricked forever or i can start all over again?
  7. Flash

    My First COMPLETED video game

    First things are always special to us. This thread is about your "FIRST COMPLETED VIDEO GAME". (yes, you saw it right! only COMPLETED) (Though i played lots of games before that, i dint complete those fully). That was one of the happiest moment that i experienced. Surely many of us...
  8. S

    jobs related to dot net ,java domain

    Hi guys,I have completed my 3rd year of engineering but because of a backlog I am not able to get through to final year,I have been trying since two years to clear it but still I'm unable to do so . In these two years i have completed java and dot net courses,so on the basis of 12th,can i have...
  9. clerkman1612

    Web Designing or Web Development or Both? Which Job(s) is better?

    I m studying web designing since a couple of months. I have completed following topic :- Essential HTML,Working with Text,Presenting and Arranging Text,Working with Images,Links and Lists,Creating Tables,Working with Frames,Working with Style Sheets(CSS),Working with Multimedia. :cool: I m...
  10. mohityadavx

    save my hdd

    i a, having a 3.5" inch 1 TB external seagate hdd.( Freeagent) . Yesterday when i was moving data from my pc to hdd using teracopy( came with digit dvd). I first moved 14gb of data . Once this completed i gave command for anothe 26GB of data. Now when this transfer was 70% completed it hanged...
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

    ATi owners who have completed this game, did anyone happen to try the 60fps unlock executable file? When I use it, the game does show 59fps, however, the action seems to go in slow-motion. Not to mention the visual tearing is just piercing the eye. Try D3DOverrider and the cut-scenes turn...
  12. vamsi_krishna

    Transformers - War for Cybertron

    It was under in my waiting list.. and i finally started playing it, I just completed Chpater 5, which concludes Decepticons' missions. Now, playing as Optimus Prime. It is really good, levels are huge, Transformers are well detailed, Voice acting is good. But it might get repetitive at times...
  13. Ethan_Hunt

    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    As the title states, post the list of titles which are piled up to be completed and if possible, report their progress or the status. This does not include the upcoming/unreleased titles that you will end up playing in the near future, but only those games which you posses and are yet to be...
  14. Desmond

    Fallout 3 Discussion

    Hey guys, All of you who have played Fallout 3 know what an awesome game it is to come out of the Bethesda stables. So, I dedicate this thread to discussing this game, the plot, interesting places to explore (Hell of a lot of these), etc. To start with, here are some of my queries: -How many...
  15. P

    Rapidshare Problam

    while i am down loading from rapidshare i am getting allways tis error Your IP address is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed Plz tell wat i must do
  16. gary4gar

    Hidden Charges in Paypal?

    Hi, Opened a new paypal personel account to pay for a Domain registration online. so i transferred balance from Credit card to paypal and then to namecheap. I completed the transaction and in Transaction summery the amount was 5.99. I completed the transaction and got a receipt of those...
  17. gary4gar

    Getting Incredible Speeds with BSNL Broadband

    Hey, These days speeds i am getting are totally hard to believe. Suddenly, I am Synced with exchange at whopping 6mbps instead of regular 2mbps:p Though download speeds are around 4mbps but still its a very big surprise for me atleast. All my torrents have have completed in just one day...
  18. rohitshubham

    Nero 8 install prob

    hey i yesterday took Nero 8 demo in a pen drive from my friend . when i ran it first it showed extracting and it was completed 100% but after that it showed the message attached in the picture how to resolve it and what is the fault
  19. anshul

    Where is my installer????

    My friends PC is having a wierd problem........... None of the installations complete. They start but then the program doesn't complete and it gives not responding and the end now doesn't work He has tried to restore the pc but it was also not completed. Any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. angermanagement

    Any universities which allow discontinued Engineering course to finish?

    I had my BE ECE course completed back in 2001.I had my study in karuny engg college controlled by dinakaran's of evangelical prayer(pentecostal) fame.(:evil:) ,under bharathiar university in Coimbatore ,Taamil the chances are over and am too lazy and undisciplined to attend all the...
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