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Getting Incredible Speeds with BSNL Broadband

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These days speeds i am getting are totally hard to believe.
Suddenly, I am Synced with exchange at whopping 6mbps instead of regular 2mbps:p

Though download speeds are around 4mbps but still its a very big surprise for me atleast.

All my torrents have have completed in just one day and my download Que is Empty. this usually does happen.
I am happy like hell:mrgreen:

I think i am having the fastest Household Internet connection:D


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ur ISP is NIB ???? ....

dude is this fake?? are u just trying to be cool?? isnt ur isp bsnl .. not NIB....dunno..maybe a bsnl user can say


Even i get 4Mbps but on speedtests that is.
But downloads all happen at 2.0 - 2.4 Mbps.
And 6Mbps Connection !!!!

Can you please posts screenshots of live downloads ?? I want to confirm is your download really is 4Mbps !!

Because my downloads start at 6Mbps but throttle down to 2Mbps finally and stabilze !
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well i was also getting around 2 to 2.4mbps in my dataone 500 home plan...........
but never this much
my highest download speed was around 600 kBps. that too for approx 30 min .
but still enjoy your speed until it lasts ...


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1.Ul is still 256kbps.I would rather have a 1:1 connection even if its 256UP\256DOWN.

2.Path is :Interleaved which means your connection is just good for downloading,your pings are sh!t even on Indian servers.:>.happy being on fast path.


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what would be the download speed for 512 kbps unlimited from BSNL? if the connection is 1:1 I might consider upgrading from 750 to 1350UL


WTF guys !! i'm getting insanely low speeds on during the happy hours... i have a RS premium acc and even then i get seeds around 30-40 kBps !!

yest a 100 mb file took more than an hour to download :( ...had to cancel the download itself after seeing the pathetic speeds...damn !!


1) I am on Home 500Combo
2) I haven't tested the speeds much as i am out of bandwidth, so you how its like to be on a 6mbps connection with bandwidth cap of mere 1.5GB.
3) Will Test by downloading something now during Free time, please suggest some fast servers?
4) For all those who think its fake, i don't blame them as its really hard to belive getting such high speeds. i myself have been wondering how come it got increased so fast.


Please. Again. Download something and show the speed is 4Mbps.
Download anything from softpedia. Or Microsoft severs. Or Google Software. And show the speed.

Here is my speed test btw. LOL ! Today's speed.


Yep buddy you are right.
My download speeds are about 255kBps. i think BSNL is throttling speeds.
anyways, its welcome increase of about 512kbps or 25%, since till two days back i used to get about speed in 190-200kBps bracket.


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I heard that BSNL may soon introduce higher speed plans. Now I dunno how true this is but maybe they are testing their equipment. Also my guess is that you are quite near to your exchange.

The fact is that the telephone cable laid out at your house has incredible potential with ADSL technology. Unfortunately we do not haf equipment in the magnitude to harness its complete power.

If my guess if correct, you won't see this happen often. So download when you can :D


Now.. isn't this incredible????

And its free.... :D :))

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