Your Reading Progress / Backlog

Hello all!

While there is a thread for movies and games thought I'd make one for books. You can also rate the movies on a scale of ten

Here goes mine:-

Five point someone
2 states

3 mistakes of my life - 7.9/10: a nice book to read. Plenty of humour and also an interesting story



A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings

Now Reading :
A storm of swords, upto ~page 150.. its a very long book 1k+ pages
I was hoping i could get to the season 3 ending before season 4 starts but too bad :( tomorrow GoT S4 starts
Have to read :
A dance of Dragons
A feast of crows
and some other novels i got a big list
Forgot to add this to my completed list

Dan Brown : Inferno : 9/10 an awesome book. A must read for all
Dan brown : The Da Vinci Code 8.5/10 a very good book, but I feel inferno is better.



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