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  1. Krazzy Warrior

    Games u have completed..!!!

    Guys as the title of the thread indicate lets post on the games' name which u have completed but WITHOUT USING EVEN A SINGLE CHEAT Lets make it more interesting add beside the game name in brackets:- Easy,Normal,Hard,Very Hard...illustrating its toughness :grin: I have completed:-...
  2. A

    CFA program from ICFAI

    Hi Friends I want to join CFA program from ICFAI (distant learning) is there anyone doing (completed) CFA programme from ICFAI, plz throw some light ?
  3. S


    hi!!:) i'm doing my engg in CSE.now i have to go for taining of 45 days(6 weeks) but me in confusion that in which line should i go. means in RHCE or CCNA or MCSE? gimme ur suggestions n tell me which one is better and that should i opt. also i know that no one from the above is gonna...
  4. vamsi_krishna

    god of war II

    there will be no ps2 owner with out playing god of war and god of war II. If you have played god of war II please tell in which mode had you completed the game.
  5. V

    Post ur favourite games here

    Hi Gamerz, As the title of the thread says Post ur favourite games here so guys and gals jet-set-go. My Favourites:- Need For Speed : Most Wanted (Eager to be in Blacklist #1) Prince Of Persia : The Two Thrones (Already completed) Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within (Already completed) Grand...
  6. B

    Which all games did u completed?

    I have completed ..................... none...................... also, just started gaming.....................;);)
  7. bkpeerless

    completed devil may cry now what

    i have completed devil may cry for pc and prince of persia 1,2,3 now is there any more game like these on pc avalable. plz suggest
  8. blackpearl

    Do you replay completed games?

    I don't play much games but if I like a game I usually play it more than once. Examples are Max Payne and Medal of Honour. What do you do? Do you have the patience of replaying the same game or you get bored after playing it once?
  9. 24online

    Download manager in Firefox

    can i set to play music when download complete in Firefox to get know download completed ? how?? :confused:
  10. S

    Now what?

    i have completed all the races in nfsu2 and i dont see any races on the map, now what shud i do next?
  11. forever

    Cd Writer Trouble :(

    i have a samsung combo drive (reads DVD + writes CDs) which is almost 3 year old now , the problem with the drive is that it is not able to write any cd or even format any cd, i use ashampoo and if i insert a RW cd to erase , it shows erase completed successfully but all the stuff is still there...
  12. 56561

    FEAR : Extraction Point and FEAR

    FEAR : Extraction Point and FEAR what is the difference between these two? I have completed FEAR .
  13. Official Techie

    Morpheus error

    OS: Windows XP Professional, SP2 CPU: GenuineIntel, Intel Pentium 4, MMX @ 2020 MHz Application data: VmVyc2lvbjogVEc1d2NtdG1jWGNwSlZCamRYUmhaMmNFQURnbE9qMHN iM2huWW1zdklDTS9JQ0V5UVhaNGNYUm1jemc9DQpJbWFnZUJhc2U6ID AxQjcwMDAwDQotMQ0KQ29kZSA9IFsxMTRdDQotIDIyMQ0KLSAwDQotI...
  14. PainKiller

    Windows-Device Timeout

    hi, sometime my pc hangs up for a few seconds [10-15] then i get the following message box: Windows - Device Timeout ============================ The specified I/O operation on \Device\Harddist\DR0 was not completed before the time-out period expired. [Cancel] [Try Again] [Continue]...
  15. K

    Which game have u completed without using a cheat code,trainer or a walkthrough?

    Well reader this is the ultimate truth test. Be truthful to urself and tell us all which game have u completed without doing any cheating. I Myself have completed only one : Prince of persia The Two Thrones
  16. deepak.krishnan

    GTA San Andreas

    Hello friends I just completed GTA SA.It is superb. I wanted to know how many of you out there completed the title and how much you like the stages.
  17. F

    How many Games have you completed?

    List all your games completed, for current or earlier systems. A game is completed is you manage to see the credits. My games completed list can be found at- http://www.geocities.com/fortesaber99
  18. karthik55859

    NFS MOST WANTED:: Cant complete 100%

    I have black edition installed,, In carreer mode i have completed all the race events,,all black list rivals and also fully completed all 69 events in challenge series ,,yet my stats shows as game completion 91% and career completion 93%,,,and in map there no events at all Then wat is...
  19. abhinavrakesh

    NFS Underground 2 Special Ending on Career Completion

    How Sponsor Cars are Unlocked in Game Without Cheat Code and i completed career but still wide body kits are locked WHY
  20. vikasg03

    how can we check whether application is run or not in vb

    i want to run 4 applications continuesly in vb by using shell or other commands. But one by one. Means i want 2nd application run only when first completed and so on. Is it possible.?
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