1. Ironman

    How tro Hack wifi Password (WEP)

    How tro Hack wifi Password (WEP) Our College official are just too stubborn they are not giving me use the password to our college wifi network i need a tool to hack it any suggestions Dont tell me to not to do it, they only use it for themselves , but that was meant for the students to...
  2. IronCruz

    Android Application

    I need help regarding an android application on COLLEGE. I'm developing an app for my college as my engineering final year project. The app will be similar to THIS. But I'm not able to explain my project coordinator, that how this app is useful than official college website? Can you please tell...
  3. theserpent

    How is this?

    It's for my college magazine.Would love to get some tips
  4. rajsujayks

    Place for an Industrial Visit?

    Hello Digit and fellow readers.. I am a Computer Science and Engineering 3rd year student and this year, we have planned to go on an industrial visit to Bangalore/Mysore during the end of this month. We are confused regarding which company to visit actually. Bangalore has a lot of technology...
  5. rahul_c

    Importance of board exams.

    I'm a below average student and scored 63% in 10th (CBSE-08) and 56% in 12th (CBSE-12). I've joined a private college this yr, but I can't help wondering how much my low percentages and 2 yr gap are going to affect my future ahead. If hypothetically I start doing great in college will my bad...
  6. balakrish

    Speech Recognition for ubuntu!

    Hi friend! I'm in need of a software like windows speech recognition on Linux. I don't need that exact software but i need the software which can be developed for my college project. So please help me. Thanks, Balakrish
  7. A

    Need advice

    hello, well i passed cbse 10th in 2009 with 60% and 1st puc [pcmc] with 62% after that due to some issues in college they dint give me hall ticket and lost a year.then same college gave me seat[whch i dint wanted to join but joined by force] and now i have a subject back which i think ill...
  8. lovedonator

    Supplementary in 12th board

    So,may be some of you remember I'm that guy who asked So the thing is that I got a lot of advice from people here(for which I'm very thankful) and I studied hard for my boards in the last 2 months but still I...
  9. Theodre

    The website for sharing college fests!

    Guys my friend Ershad ( Came up with this idea of sharing the College fests that will be happening in all the colleges! With - Campus fests and events portal We can actually share all the college events all over india which will make the students all over india to...
  10. Ray

    Btech in IT from good college vs CSE in average college

    Hi I recently got wbjee rank 0f 18000.With this rank I am getting IT in good private college but only getting CSE in average private colleges.Which should I take? I heard CSE and IT are 80% same??I have no plan of doing Mtech in future :| Edit If i do Mba in future which is better?(not sure i...
  11. N

    Tablet or Laptop???

    I am a (going to be) college student and in a great confusion : whether to buy a tablet or a laptop?? My budget is till Rs. 50,000. Laptop requirements : Core i5, 4-6 gb ram, 1 gb graphics(not a great gamer), 750gb hdd Tablet requirements : wi-fi + 3g(most imp.), 16gb internal memory...
  12. balakrish

    How to access local area website?

    Hi friend! In my college we have a local area site which can be only accessed within the college network. But i want to access that site from my would be helpful for my studies. Now what i have is ssh access to the college server(usually everyone in our college has this...
  13. C

    Top 5 gaming laptops under 60K

    Hey guys I was looking forward to building a new rig for me this summer but had to drop the idea, since I'd be going to college and would need a portable device to be able to carry it back home when I'm not at college. I game and so a primary attribute my laptop's gotta bear is a...
  14. desiJATT

    Some advice needed about my career.

    Hey guys, i was looking forward for some advice on my future plans, here it goes I didn't prepare for any competitive exams because i was not interested in doing extra study about it at that time. Moreover i cannot go out of my town Jalandhar and study as my family needs me right now. But i...
  15. ritvij

    Any B Tech CS guys here??

    is there anyone who is currently pursuing b tech in cs stream from any college???
  16. pramudit

    need info about backstage pass school of gaming

    i was searching for college with a degree program for btech in game development and i found backstage pass in digit ft... can anyone tell about its reputation, placement and entrance exam...? i am currently giving 12th exam and want to join good game developnent college....
  17. Sarath

    Birthday gifting advice

    Please suggest some gift ideas for a friend's b'day.:oops: She is my best friend so I will make something personalised for sure, but stuff apart from that is where I am confused. Stuff to be excluded: A watch College bag Earphones Stuff that can't be bought at all: Handbags...
  18. S

    Touch Textbooks - Free College Textbooks

    Have any of you guys tried this site called Touch Textbooks for free college textbooks? According to their website, you can download as many textbook ebooks to your computer as you want, with fees or costs. I've been reading some positive reviews about it, but I just wanted to check to see...
  19. S


    hi guys...i'm thinking of pursuing higher studies after engg ,but i don't want to pursue any degree in technology field so i'm thinking of management . I just have a basic idea about cat exam ,but about its portion and college selection i'm completely blind .so pls help me by telling how to...
  20. S

    Is it common to wait for months before date of joining?

    I passed out this year, 2011 from a real crappy UPTU college. I got placed in a fairly well known company in Jan. 2011... it was one of like three companies that considered our college for recruitment. I did not attend the few other placement opportunities for our college after getting...
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