1. A

    Advice needed

    advise me on what projects i could udertake in my college related to Information Technology?
  2. K

    Live CD Linux

    Hi Suggest a Live CD ( NOT DVD ).. for Linux.. need for a college.. should be simple for i386 all confused which to downlaod.. SUSE, Knoppix, UBUNTU etc.. some1 please suggest a LIVE CD with all basic featuers look alike of RedHat ( cause that college was using that before ).. they...
  3. GNUrag

    Workshop on GNU/Linux @ Mumbai

    Workshop on GNU/Linux @ Mumbai Conducted by: Free Software Foundation of India VENUE: Dental Auditorium, RAIT College of Engineering, Dr D Y Patil Vidya Nagar, Sector 7, Nerul, New Mumbai-400706. SPEAKERS: -> Dr. Nagarjuna G. (TIFR, Chairman FSF-India) -> Anurag Patel (TIFR)...
  4. J

    java installation

    I just got jdk1.3 from a friend and installed it but all the *.java files that i create need to be in the jdk1.3\bin directory to be compiled or executed. but in my computer center and in college i can have the java files anywhere in the hard drive and execute it for eg: when i type javac in my...
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