1. T

    Is it better to buy locally or Online?

    Hi.. I am not new to buying anything from Flipkart or letsbuy or theitdepot. But for assembling a PC would it make a big difference in price if I went and bought each part individually instead of getting them locally?? I am from Chennai. So if there is anyone from Chennai who knows the local...
  2. K

    Suggestion for 2.1 under 5k

    Guys i need a 2.1 for my pc budget is around 5k max. I came across this in in ebay edifier C2 plus is this seller a reliable one!! EDIFIER HCS2330C2 2.1 Speaker System(1 Yr Warranty)Co.Sealed Box with Bill | eBay any other suggestion guys!! i am in chennai, if anybody can tell me about this...
  3. A

    in plant training program for engineering students

    Hi I am ameer doing 2nd year B.Tech in Velammal Engineering College, I am looking for a company to do my Inplant training program in Chennai. Can anyone please suggest which IT industry is offering IPT programs?
  4. T

    Stuck with broken processor, HELP.

    Guys, Mobo : Biostat TA790GX 128M AM2+ Proc : AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE The above mentioned proc accidentally got broken. I live in chennai. I went to Ritchie street to buy another compatible proc, found out the procs are not available in stores since they were outdated. Even second-hand...
  5. A

    pc upgrade configuration

    HI FOR I3 should i go for h61or h67chipset..????? also suggest some mobo options in the best category....also wanna know about the current price for i3+(h61 or h67)+kingston 4gb ram+dvd drive combination in chennai. i do have old case and HDD of 160gb....also can i get a usb connector for...
  6. P

    Buying Asus N55sf

    1. Flipkart has this model but display is listed as 720p. Is this an error by them or the model comes with that resolution also? 2. Can anyone recommend any shops in Chennai or Banglore where i can get this laptop in two or three days? Will it be readily available in any shop? Its a little...
  7. g_suresh_mps

    [Query] Samsung Original Accessories in Chennai

    Hello friends, I have a Galaxy Note Smart Phone Tablet. I want some Genuine samsung Accessories such as Vehicle dock, desktop charger cradle etc where can i get them in Chennai need Suggestion ... Also just heard about Extended batteries for note 5000 mah ... are they really worth ? where...
  8. P

    Anyone from Chennai? Plz help me out with the prices of following specs. Its Urgent..

    Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 MOBO: ASUS P8H61-M LE (REV 3.0) RAM: G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600MHz GPU: MSI HD6850 Cyclone PE/OC Drive: ASUS 24x DVD SATA Black PSU: FSP Saga II 500W Cabinet: NZXT GAMMA I want to knw the prices of these items ASAP!! I want to knw where is the prices cheaper...
  9. ganeshnokiae63

    Headset for nokia e63

    Guys, Suggest me some good sound headsets for my Nokia e63 ranged from rs 500 to 700.i am tired of searching.. since i am in Chennai, anyone may tell the name of the good shops in here to buy headsets!!@! it was optional one:cry:
  10. A

    Good Orthopedic surgeon in Chennai

    I live in Chennai and my scan results have shown that I have to undergo a Ligament tear surgery.... I would like to know Name and contact info(mobile or hospital info) of some good doctors in Chennai with whom I can undergo surgery for the Ligament reconstruction surgery
  11. MegaMind

    The Corsair SP2500!

    Guys, i'm planning on getting the SP2500 soon.. Any idea abt the availability in chennai? SMC is quoting 14.5K, shipping adds a 1K odd...
  12. B

    where did i get bryerdynamic headphone in chennai?

    i want to upgrade my ipod earphone.i can pick beyerdynamic t50p.any beyerdynamic dealer in chennai
  13. P

    HELP - Chennai

    Friends, Looking for Information on Chennai, 1 - Which residential area is good nearby Guindy ? 10-15 minutes of travel time is fine. Areas with good locality, shops & Hospital around preferred. If you have any friends/relatives who plan to give 2 BHK flat for rent or you know any agents who...
  14. E

    Plz suggest changes in my config [If Any]

    Hi, Please suggest if there are any changes to be made in the below configuration. 1)CPU i3 - 2100 5500 2)MOBO DH67VR 4100 3)RAM Kingston4GB 1250 4)PHDD SG2TB 3950 5)SHDD Seagate500GB OWN 5)OPT LG DVD RW OWN 6)CAB Zeb Shivaji OWN 7)MON SP2208WFP OWN 8)KBMS Logitech...
  15. S

    Tracking console usage in Game Lounge

    Hi, I am running a console gaming lounge in Chennai, my issue is that I won’t be physically present in the gaming lounge all time, hence I would like to have a hardware or software solution using which I can track the number of hours for which a console was used during a day/week/month...
  16. R

    Bluetooth Headset for Mobile

    In ebay the prices start from 299 onwards till thousands i want a simple one and i live in chennai , so in ritchie street what range shall i ask?
  17. M

    APC - Smart UPS

    Hi, I gonna buy APC Samrt UPS for my corsair TX650( 750 or 1000VA), where to buy in chennai? do any one own it?? whats the price? Madhu.
  18. I

    Studio 1555 thermal woes and sudden shut downs

    My Studio 1555 laptop is over 2 years old now. As of late it gets turned off suddenly while gaming and the underside gets really hot. On calling the Dell Customer Care, i was informed that they would be sending a technician on renewing the warranty. However, the cost of renewal is arnd 8k and...
  19. cooldude22

    GPU query

    Hey guys I'm frm chennai...I tried getting MSI HD6850 but couldnt find anywhere below 10k i could find ly HD6670 is it worth for the below rig?? i5 2400 intel DH67BL Corsair GS600 PSU corsair 4GB 1333mhz seagate 1 TB or could you point out any other shops where i could get HD6850...
  20. K

    5.1 speakers with muti resouce input

    hi looking for 5.1 speakers with muti resource input. 5.1 + aux in + pc in. or any spk with coaxial or optical input. i'm in chennai. pl recommend a good one. price 5k-7k
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