Studio 1555 thermal woes and sudden shut downs

My Studio 1555 laptop is over 2 years old now. As of late it gets turned off suddenly while gaming and the underside gets really hot. On calling the Dell Customer Care, i was informed that they would be sending a technician on renewing the warranty. However, the cost of renewal is arnd 8k and covers only the basic hardware issues like malfunctioning fan, keyboard etc. In case the motherboard, display, processor or any of the vitals are found to be faulty, I will have to shell out 7-8 k more. A total of 15-16 k then!... I am confused regarding whether I should go for it??:???::???:

I mean spending over 10k on a laptop that is over 2 yrs old does not seem wise. Should i rather keep using this till goes kaput and get myself a new one??? I live in Vellore(near Chennai). If anyone can recommend some other service centre(non Dell, in Chennai or in the vicinity) that can sort out these issues, please do reply.....:)


Adam young
I don't know about any other service center but spending 15-16k for that laptop is not a good choice you can better go with a new by adding more amount.
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