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Bluetooth Headset for Mobile


In ebay the prices start from 299 onwards till thousands i want a simple one and i live in chennai , so in ritchie street what range shall i ask?
I too planning to buy a Bluetooth headset with my Nexus S.
Should go for wired ones to get maximum audio clarity ?

My budget is 1.5k max.


ditch ebay. go here: Bluetooth Headsets: Mobile Accessories List: Flipkart.com

and pick one that suites you.

btw, what is your budget

Hey thank you very much for your advice am having samsung galaxy 551 i 5510 and just want to use and feel how it is to use a bluetooth headset, the truth is I rarely get any calls , i.e my total incoming / outgoing through mobile is rarely 1 only :-x but i just want to feel, coming to budget i have not yet decided and my mentality is such that if i see headset at 300 i would think why to buy a headset worth 1000 rs 0r 5000 rs, i mean saste mein mast milega to acha hain na, this becomes my mentality, so if you can justify me difference between 300 rs and 1000 rs headset i will go for around 800-900 or 1000 max... as you know i just want to buy headset for sake of using bluetooth of phone, in short just test the headset, might be after 5 days of buying the headset i might never use it,,, or if it can play radio i might use it, but it doesnt play radio as radio needs physical headset,
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