1. N

    N-Gage QD Silver Edition

    Hi guys, I hav planned to buy N-Gage QD Silver Edition. Can i know the price of it ? Is it available in the market? I have asked for it in some of the shops in chennai and they said it is not available (silver edition) :( . Where can i get this phone in chennai??? Also Please help me...
  2. D

    Palm Zire 72

    Hey got myself a new Palm Zire 72. r there ne zire users out there? with tips or something? i've spent too much on this already....n there's abt 24 mb of memory left. is there ne way tht i cld play back mp3's without a MMC, as some reviews say? I'm in Chennai. Does anybody know ne...
  3. G

    XFX 5700 le - Problem help?

    Hi frens, I have an XFX brand Ge Force 5700 le 128 Mb AGP card for my motherboard Intel 865GBF , now it has raised an booting problem and i cant see anything on the screen but only the led light flashing on and off on my monitor. What could be the problem. hardaware technician was also bought...
  4. S

    Where to buy 90s games in Chennai

    Hi, I would like to know where in Chennai I can buy some slightly older games. Titles I would like to buy include Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, Dungeon Siege+Legend of Aranna, and a few more... Already checked large bookstores such as Landmark and Higginbothams where they have a small...
  5. R

    Foxconn Dealer in Chennai?

    I am trying to get my hands on the new Foxconn MoBo Winfast 6150K8MA-8EKRS based on NVidia 6150/430 chipset. Anybody aware of a Foxconn dealer or distributor in Chennai? If yes, can i have the contact info please?If you have any experience with a Foxconn product (esp Mobo), please post it here.
  6. S

    6680 Problem

    One of my friends just got his nokia 6680 from uk. When we put the sim card in it says that it is illegal sim. i took it to nokia service centre in chennai he tried something and said that the phone is locked to the particular service provider in uk. is there not a way to unlock this...
  7. bharat_r

    HDD recovery+chennai

    I heard some screetching noice from my HDD & I'm not able to access the data in it(though the HDD is getting detected) It's a 5 years old Segate 17.2 GB HDD. The HDD contains some important docs/files & my fav mp3s How can I recover them? Any place in Chennai where I can give my HDD...
  8. QwertyManiac

    DNS Query about location finding using IP

    Click this if u dont see the pic I get this above pic after DNS detects me, but the place of chennai indicated is not correct why ? and How do you find the location like it found chennai using IP ? has it something to do with the octets ? Just curious to know. Thnx in advance. Also...
  9. P

    data cabels for reliance mobile and reliance phones

    hi all i recently bought reliance lg 6000 mobile and land phone from reliance lsp 350 which is similiar to walkie phone of tata indicomm, now i need data cabels for thease mobiles to connect to internet. im new to chennai and can any tell me where can i find data cables in...
  10. zodiac_511

    Will this Config work ?

    I'm purchasing a new system 8) CPU =AMD Athlon64 (939 pin) 3800+ MOBO =MSI K89 Diamond RAM =512 MB (DDR 400 Mhz) HDD =80 GB SATA (Seagate 7200 rpm) Monitor =Philips 109 P4 (19in) Graphics Card=PowerColor Radeon X800XL / Ati...
  11. dreams


    hi guys.. iam frm chennai and need 2 get SAP Software cd's.. is it poss 2 get one in chennai or if some one has can share it with me.. help needed..
  12. I

    Iron-on Transfer sheets

    where can i get iron on transfer papers for my hp inkjet printer in chennai? and can someone tell me the price?
  13. K

    Modded Ps2-good dealers-[CHENNAI PEOPLE]

    Hello friends, I hope alleast some of the chennai people who are member of this discussion group may have bought ps2. Can anyone post a good dealer of MODDED PS2 in chennai. plsease do post 1. cost 2.vendor name 3. address. Thanks in advance karthik
  14. K

    PS2 or xbox

    Hello Friends, I am planning to buy a game console for my cousin. Can anyone please tell me which one to go for. People say to go for modded box. 1.Can anyone in chennai from the groups please post the details about the vendors in chennai. 2. Which is better regarding the cost...
  15. D

    The Chennai comp'holics club

    hi guys :D...saw quite a few forums posted.. great job guys... but thot wud be nice if we start a new section fr chennaiites...where we can discuss the availability , prices of hardwares nd sftwres and credibility of the hardware shops here.....this wud help avoid confsions and...
  16. M

    new pc -suggestion required

    Hi! I would like to pick up a pc with the follg spec ,i have sort of zeored on certain specs,would like your suggestions.Iam based in Chennai AMD 64 3000+ ASUS K8NE- DELUXE OR MSI NEO PLATINIUM (Can any of you guys based in Chennai suggest as to where i can get MSI boards,from the...
  17. H

    Hi anyone from chennai having knoppix??

    Can anybody from chennai donate me knoppix distro for free ... If so pm me or post here .. Dont comment on tis post :twisted:
  18. B

    how to unlock a t-mobile sidekick??(plz)

    i got this phone from a t-mobile "sidekick"...........the manufacturer of this phone is not so popular,its a malaysian company. but this phone simply rocks............but i'v tried to get it unlocked at every grey market in chennai...........but no one knows how it cud be done...
  19. ArZuNeOs

    ? SATA is better

    Guys I need hlp i plan to buy HDD As price crashed I zeroed on two pieces Both r Samsung 1)120Gb 7200rpm 2)120Gb 7200rpm SATA What is Better How It Helps Anyone living in Chennai Cnt me About latest prices with warranty Also looking for 512 DDR 400mhz RAm with warranty
  20. K

    Broadband in Chennai ??

    Hi all Techies, As you can see under my Avatar, I am from Chennai and I am looking for a broadband option. I am living nearby Tirumangalam( near Annanagar ). Is there any broadband service in this area. How about the Cable Internet services and DSL services. Can anybody from Chennai...
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