1. B

    Slow charging Galaxy and Moto G series

    Hi Guys, I have read on the internet regarding fast charging hurting the battery. I am okay if the phone takes its time to charge if it helps the battery. I have few queries- 1. To slow charge a Galaxy or a Moto G series, do we have to turn off fast/turbo charging from the settings and then...
  2. S

    What are the things to consider for buying a new mobile??

    It's the generation of all smart, smart phones, gadgets. Mobile are taking great part in all So which Do you like the most out off all available Here are some points reg which to consider More RAM Might Not Improve Performance: High Megapixels Storage as all selfie and social media freaks it...
  3. Ronnie11

    Fast Charging Power Bank

    Hey guys, I own a MI 10400 mah which i had purchased from flipkart a year ago. Used it regularly and its been reliable,but what i sorely missed from this was fast charging. Its incredibly slow to charge your phone with this powerbank. My primary phone is a oneplus one. Its nowhere close to wall...
  4. ajayritik

    Problem with Charging point of Yureka Charger

    Today my kid damaged the point of the Yureka charger which goes into the Charging port of the Phone. Due to this unless I hold the point hard while it's charging the phone is not getting charged. Is there any way I can repair this? Can I get the same original charger in the market?
  5. G

    Wireless charging on note 4?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to know about the wireless charging on Note 4, Can you please tell me Is it right to buy the Wireless Charging Strips to use on Note 4? as I read that sometimes it interferes with the S-VIEW cover of the Note 4, if yes, then please tell me some good brand, my friend...
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Laptop screwed!! Help

    My Hp g6-2005ax is not turning on anymore. Nothing happens when I press the power button. I opened the laptop and found nothing wrong with the switch. But the display cable was badly damaged (friction due to broken hinge) But if the display cable is the culprit then the laptop should turn on...
  7. A

    portable multi charger for mobile phones

    anything likr this available here in our country which can provide charging orts for all types of mobiles or multiple mobiles together
  8. A

    weird phone behavior , pls help !!!

    Hi all, I have a samsung galaxy s advance bought in Aug 2012 All of a sudden my phone has started to behave werirdly. I had kept my phone for charging overnight but the next day morning it showed that there was no charge.I tried plugging it again and again in different electcrical sockets...
  9. sahil1033

    Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet charging problem

    I bought Nexus 7 (2012) 16 GB in December 2013 and everything was working fine until I noticed that charging is taking too long. Infact, I started playing game on it while charging and noticed that battery dropped down by 1%. I'm clueless what has happened to the tablet. Help please.
  10. abhidev

    My Nexus 4 stopped charging :(

    Till yesterday it was charging and working perfectly...but today morning when I kept it for didn't charge at all. And now trying different solutions from the internet it has drained completely. I had ordered it from the US and its over an year old out of warranty...also...
  11. T

    Nexus 7 (2012) slow USB charging

    My nexus 7 2012 edition is charging 5% for an hour Via USB. It seem to charge fine via its adapter but damn slow via USB. I am using my desktop as the charging station.
  12. harshilsharma63

    How to download all night in phone?

    Hi. I have a Nokia X2-00. I always have unlimited 2g Internet pack which I want to make full utilization of. For this, I want to download on my phone all night long. Keeping phone on charging will cause battery damage. Is there something I can do to download all night and keep phone ON?
  13. T

    Nexus(2012) 7 not turning on upon first time

    Received Nexus 7 2012 from flipkart today. Its on power since almost 3 hours but still not turning on when pressing power button. Not even battery is displayed which indicates device is charging. Very dim lines appear when power button is pressed which break and disappear within a second. Device...
  14. sanny16

    samsung phone charger making noise

    Should i buy a new charger or is it okay to use it even if it makes noise while charging? Does this happen to others too?
  15. G

    Ipad Air explodes at a Vodafone store in Australia

  16. Flash

    Better way to charge a mobile - USB or CHARGER?

    Which one is a better way to charge the mobile - Charger or USB? I always charge my mobile via USB, when am on office and charger on home. I've heard from one of my friend that charging via charger is the best way, as it regulates the voltage for the mobile to charge. So, even on the...
  17. Droid

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have advanced wireless charging feature.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have advanced wireless charging feature. We have seen a few more smartphones recently that do offer wireless charging in one form or another, but the technology that Samsung is thinking of using next year takes this feature to another level. Currently devices that...
  18. sujoyp

    iball Slide 6318i does not power on

    Guys I am in big trouble..I bought this iball tab 6318i for a friend of mine....when I checked it in my home it was working fine...then I switched it off. now after handing over it to my friend its not powering up/starting ....he have been charging whole night...I have been changing for last 2...
  19. T

    Keeping the Power Adapter(s) plugged in. Not right?

    I don't know where to put this question. I keep my 2 mobile charging adapters, 1 laptop charging adapter always plugged in but not necessarily charging. Will this harm the adapter(s) in any way? Although, when I remove the charger from my Samsung Galaxy Ace, it displays a message in the...
  20. vanpr7

    Note 2 Slow Charging

    Guys my Note 2 has been having some problem with the charging. The charging current keeps fluctuating and the charging speed varies. (Sometime even leaving it overnight charges only 40%). I researched that it could be due to the usb cable that comes with the charger and to buy a usb cable of...
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