1. P

    How do I install any OS on such a laptop?

    My friend has an ancient acer travelmate 4020 laptop. The cdrom drive in the laptop is not working. He wants to use the laptop as it is for as long as it lasts without spending any more money on it. Recently his windows crashed and couldn't be repaired. So, we took out the hard disk, put it...
  2. S

    Help harddisk not detecting

    I have 2 hard disk 1st one 150gb(one with OS) and 2nd 500 gb.Today morning i just removed my cdrom to use on my freinds pc when ii installed it back.My pc was taking loong time to start also my 2nd hard disk 500gb was missing.Then i just checked all connection and fitted all wires properly and...
  3. I

    Java J2EE Oracle .Net Second Hand Books

    Hi all, I have got to sell the second-hand books mentioned in the list as follows :- Java J2EE Struts 1. Java Server Programming J2EE 1.4 Black Book (2006 Ed.) / With CDROM 2. Beginning J2EE 1.4 - Kevin Mukhar and James Weaver 3. Java J2EE Interview Questions - Shivprasad Koirala...
  4. hellknight

    Qemu-Small but Powerful

    Virtulization is the new wave in this forum, so i decided to contribute a little on my part. Qemu is also a wonderful virtualization software and its open-source too. First of all download and install qemu for your respective linux distribution. Then to run a live cd follow these steps :- 1...
  5. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    CDRom Drive not visible

    Hi i am facing a problem I have just installed XPSP2 7 days ago now today when I started my computer It doest show my CD Rom drive. My cdrom is allright. I have checked by booting my system through CDRom it is booting. I think some registry problem. Help me ?
  6. A

    Boot From Cdrom : No Emulation

    IAM HAVING P4 1.6 ,ASUS MOTHERBOARD ,40gb hdd when iam installing winxp pro sp2, it says NO EMULATION while boot from cdrom,what i have to do i have checked my cdrom and hardisk both of them working fine when iam connecting to different motherboard i selected my first boot device has...
  7. [A]bu

    My CDROM

    my CDROM stops working when my pc's process will be 100%... what to do... the device manager shows no CD-ROM... and a thing that in any CD-rom there is written 52X but it is much lesser than we expect... Any help for me
  8. Maverick340

    PC Freezing , and not becasue of the winter !

    Well of late my PC has been constanly freezing. Now i am not sure if you are familiar but if u listen closely ( very ) you can hear a faint chk noise evrytime your PC restart normally . Well everytime before freezing i got that noise. I feared a read/write errr and scanned my pc using HDtune...
  9. drsethi

    How to change bootdevice without keyboard?

    My keyboard not working. Is there any way to boot from cdrom?
  10. paragkalra

    FC5 is full of bugs!

    I am sorry to say that FC5 is full of bugs specially the installation procedure. I downloaded FC5 cds out of which fourth cd was corrupt. My CD-rom was unable to detect it. I had to again download the fourth cd. The night mare didn't ended here. i was finally able to install linux from cdrom but...
  11. S

    CDROM reading probs

    I want to know if i can increase the speed of cdrom or not. i mean no the reading or writing speed in terms of X but the speed at which the motor rotates. i want to increase the rate of rotation of motor so that it will read scratch cds. and is there any way by which i can remove scrates on...
  12. ax3

    Flickering ! ! !

    I have a XP machine ... also watch vcd`s on my machine ... bt while watching movies through my cdrom drive (DMA is also enabled), my hdd light also flikkers ... why is that so ???
  13. Z

    windows mellinum problems

    hi i am ashwani ,i have pentium 3 and using windows mellinum and win xp ,when i tried to install pen drive into my comp ,my cdrom drives disappeared from my computer ,when working on win ME i cannot install drivers as it is not detecting the cdrom. while my cdroms are avalible on windo XP...
  14. P

    cdrom not mounting properly

    I tried to mount cdrom but i am getting error mount: block device /dev/hda is write-protected, mounting read-only mount: /dev/hda already mounted or /media/cdrom busy What can be done to this?
  15. desertwind

    Mount CDROM, Search

    1. Even though "Mount removable media when inserted" is checked, Its not doing so. I need to mount it manualy. I was working earlier. This is the entry for cdrom in fstab /dev/hdc /media/cdrom auto pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0 2. Advanced searching is...
  16. C

    Linking the cdrom??

    Whenever I make a symbolic link to the cdrom using #ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom the link gets deleted when i restart the system, how will I make it permanent??
  17. E

    CDROM won't read CDs

    Hello Guys i am in a big problem. I have a samsung SC-152 CDROM which i am running with Windows XP. I have a P-III machine with 192 MB RAM. The problem is this that windows recognizes the CDROM but wen i put any CD in the ROM, i shows an error signal as the ROM is EMPTY and plz put a CD in it...
  18. S

    no cdrom in 98

    i got a 98 box which cannot detect the cdrom drive though it's seen in the bios. the mscdex.exe is running. what could be the problem. adding the cdrom driver line to the config.sys did not help thanx
  19. I

    ISO Reading

    I have a ISO image, I want to read from Hard disk without buring to CDROM. what's d way
  20. Charley

    I cant play CD-R's in my CDRom, can play CD's , why

    I've an 8x CDRom which is an old one but i can play movie Cds, audio CD's on it but cant play CDR's. or CDRW's , what is the reason for it..... :o
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