1. A

    Best Portable 2TB Hard Drive.

    I've been using Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB since June last year, and I'm happy with its performance. But now I have to get another one of the same capacity. Which is the best option available in the market? Consider cost per GB, read/write speed, portability, compatibility and other criteria.
  2. Y

    how to know antenna capacity of w8968?

    Hi as you guys have suggested I have purchased w8968 from Amazon @1648 and it's version 3.0. I haven't unboxed it yet.i just wanted to confirm Whether it's antenna capacity is 5dbi or not. Is it possible to know without unboxing it as it's not written on the box. imgur: the simple image sharer
  3. M


    Hi guys, Requirement : Fully Automatic Washing Machine. Question : Which brand and which model should I buy. Plz Advice. (I am confused between LG and Samsung) Budget : 20-23K Capacity Required : 6 or 6.5 kg Cloth Loading : Top loading
  4. K

    New Water Purifier

    Hi guys! Please suggest a good Purifier with 8-15L capacity! Please suggest a good purifier
  5. H

    Laptop for home office, 4 choices from Lenovo/Dell/Asus

    I am looking to replace my Dell 1555 which is almost 5 years old. I need a laptop for my office and personal use. I administer 4-5 computers on my small office network so I would prefer Win7Pro which I am currently using also. Not sure if Win8 is suitable in a mixed environment of XP and Win7...
  6. windchimes

    Mobile Phone and Storage

    Hello Digitans, It is often advised to me in the past that if I have a phone that has an external storage capacity, I should restrict myself to buying a memory card which would be lesser than the maximum storage capacity allowed . ( For eg: If the phone allows 64GB, better buy 32GB card ...
  7. sandynator

    Best Automatic Top Load OR Front Load Washing Machine around 25k-30k

    Guys, I'm planning to get a top load automatic washing machine around 8kg capacity OR 7kg capacity front load washing machine[can extend budget till 30k if its really good]for my new home. Need best suggestion from you. I also require Inbuilt heater for hot wash. Budget - 25k & Capacity -...
  8. Akshay

    Partitions on 2nd HDD in Windows 8

    I am using a PC with Windows 8 installed on it. The present HDD is Seagate 1TB with partitions C, D, E and F. H is the DVD writer. I am now planning to install an additional internal HDD with 2TB capacity. My query is whether I can have multiple partitions like I, J, K, L, etc. on my 2nd HDD...
  9. Champ

    Suggestions regarding Gold Battery

    Hi, My 2 year old Galaxy S2's battery has started showing signs of aging Many times phone shuts offs while returning from office. Was browsing ebay found this Replacement Extended Gold battery 2450mAh For Samsung Galaxy S2 SII i9100 | eBay Seller says that its a higher capacity battery...
  10. S

    Double-decker train to Jaipur ready to roll

    Hey Everyone,Indian Railways has bought a good news for Indians and specially "Rail Lovers" like mE ofcourse:mrgreen: Indian Railways today flagged off "The Delhi-Jaipur Double Decker Special".The Double Decker will run on daily basis and the journey is from Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jaipur...
  11. D

    Alienware M14X R1 HDD Upgrade

    Hey guys! I posted a similar thread earlier, but somehow it got deleted IDK why. I have an Alienware M14x R1 with Intel i7 2720QM, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB HDD, nVidia GT555M 3.0GB. Its warranty is about to expire by the end of this month i.e. July 2012, but I am going to buy a 1 year...
  12. Anorion

    How much phone memory is enough? How much do you use?

    tl;dr post what takes up memory in your devices in this format: When it comes to memory in smartphones, esp while recommending purchases, was wondering how much memory is enough for a typical user. have seen a lot of threads where just lowering the memory capacity brings devices into...
  13. smashingdude

    RAM upgrade ?

    Hello, all. I just wanted to ask what is the maximum ram capacity of lenovo y410? I currently have 1 gig in it!
  14. RBX

    Battery Status

    I started using my laptop around 16th of August this year and this is the current reported status of my battery - doesn't look good to me; It states that my battery has now 91% of originally designed capacity. Is this normal or is my battery degrading too fast ? Any tips to achieve good...
  15. GhorMaanas

    Advice on portable HDD

    Hi, will keep it brief. one of my colleagues needs a portable HDD of 1TB capacity. following are the parameters for purchase : Capacity - 1TB Brand preference - seagate>>WD>>hitachi>>toshiba>>IOmega>>transcend Connectivity for USB 3.0 - not an utmost requirement; but better if...
  16. soyab0007

    phone under 1000rs

    looking for a basic phone for my office looking for max msg storage capacity and fm budget Rs1000
  17. Desmond

    What memory card does my phone support?

    I own a Dell XCD28 and I plan to upgrade to its memory card to 8GB from the default 2GB MicroSD. However, everywhere I've looked, I have only found SDHC cards at the required capacity. Can I use a SDHC card instead of the SD which came with my card? Also, what is the difference between SD and SDHC?
  18. N


    Hi, m looking for old desktop HDD 40,80,160gb capacity sata,pata working good condition
  19. A

    Cowon J3

    Want a Cowon J3 in working condition, any capacity will do
  20. MegaMind

    Best Mp3 player for 2k?

    Hi guys, i need suggestion on a mp3 player for my cousin... Budget : 2K(strictly) Audio quality is much focused... Capacity can be 2 or 4GB...
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