Western Digital Announces 6TB External Hard Drive

  2. Renny

    DDR RAM query

    I have an old MSI K8MM-V mobo(Socket 754 AMD), I already have 1GB DDR RAM stick, I need to use some additional amount of RAM, SIS(System information software) says the maximum capacity of my mobo is 4GB, but the MSI site says 2GB, So whats the actual capacity of my mobo? According to...
  3. doomgiver

    high capacity PMP

    i wish to buy a high capacity personal media player(aka "ipod", thank you, uneducated retards, for depressing our collective intelligence levels) im considering something like the ipod classic, but i donot know whether it comes in less than 160 gb or not.(i donot want 160 gb, its a bit too...
  4. papa


    Hi folks, this may sound silly but I wanted to know . I have a coolemaster 1000W SMPS and I wish to run Two 8800gt cards in sli. What should be the ideal UPS capacity to hold on for say 20-30 minutes during power outages?
  5. G

    Economical esata 500 gb drive

    Helloo friends Can u guys please suggest me an affordable esata drive at around 500 gb capacity added connectivity with usb will be a bonus thanks!!!!
  6. U

    Portable Hard Disk

    I need to purchase a portable hard drive.My budget is 3500...Since there are many portable hard drive available in the market...i am a bit confused. The capacity of the hard drive must be greater or equal to 320 GB.
  7. G

    Need advice for Laptop Buying

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy a Laptop for Desktop replacement.My budget is Rs.50000 - 55000. I want 17" Screen Size and good capacity of storage and good battery.Please advice some good brand.Thank you reading this post. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  8. topgear

    Kingston's 256GB USB Flash Drive is $1,108

    A USB flash drive larger than your console's hard disk drive. Living in the U.S. and in search for a USB flash drive with massive capacity? Kingston is finally shipping its 256GB drive to the United States with data transfer rates of 25MB/sec. read and 12MB/sec. write. The model...
  9. D

    plz help buying a pc ??

    i want to buy the following processor mobo ram cabinet hard disk (minimum capacity as i hav an external 1TB disk) budget 15K
  10. D

    plz give ur suggestion

    1.Motherboard around Rs 6000 Reliable and best 1 with most feature in it 2.Processor Rs 5000 - 6000 3.Hard disk supporting high rpm and transfer rate ( minimum capacity 80 Gb) 4.cabinet and smps supporting the above plz help i'm in a urge to get these stuffs...
  11. D

    Help on upgrading notebook harddrive

    I want to upgrade my laptop harddrive. Please suggest which company is good? I currently have Hitachi 5400 RPM 160GB harddrive. I am upgrading mainly for the capacity. How much capacity should I take and what are their prices? Please help. Also tell me if there's a huge difference in...
  12. esumitkumar

    any free SMS site supporting more than 160-170 characters ?

    Is there any such site ? way2sms, atrochatro etc all have 150 characters capacity :-x
  13. D

    need a portable hard drive

    i have a budget of rs4500/- to buy an external portable hdd(usb/firewire)...what should be the best model/brand & capacity that i can get at this price?
  14. IronManForever

    Memory card for Digital camera?

    My dad recently got the Sony W110 Digital Camera ( 7.2MP, 4x Zoom, Smile Shutter). It has onboard memoru of 15.4 MB only. So I need a memory card for it. The type needed is Memory Stick PRO Duo. What is the best VFM capacity that I should buy? I need the price of the following capacity...
  15. thelordrrulzzz

    Suggest a good phone upto 2.5k range!!!

    hello digitians, Since i have purchased a new connection i am looking out for a cheap but good phone. I already own a SE W810i so i intend to buy a basic phone. My requirements from the phone are- 1] Good Message storing capacity. 2] Good contact entries capacity with multiple nos. for...
  16. G

    How to find the Maximum EIDE Drive Capacity for Motherboards

    Dear Friends! I would like to know what is the Maximum Capacity of EIDE Hard Drive & Type [either Speed 5400 or 7200]which can support to the following specification of Desktop System. Intel Desktop Board 810E Celeron 533 MHz Bus Speed 66 MHz Cache 128 kB Please advise me how to find...
  17. B

    Hard Drive Issues

    I bought a Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB SATA HDD, i have an intel D102ggc2 motherboard. my problem is that when i try to install xp on my hdd, the setup displays my hard disk's capacity only around 130GB. but when i run vista setup, it displays the correct capacity as 298.01GB. Please help...
  18. R


    Friends, My motherboard is intel D945gcnl.Now i use with 1gb ram,160gb HD,processor E4500 2.2GHZ CORE2 DUO,OS win xp prof, MY Q IS IF I CHANGE MY OS VISTA,how much capacity ram tobe added,please advice me iam a new leaner,thankyou:eek:
  19. A

    Blue Screen of Death

    The system crashes almost every time a game is played or a DVD is played or anything that requires full utilization of processor capacity...Can anyone please help? *
  20. slimTech

    Pen Drive capacity has decreased by 480MB

    Hi I have got a 2GB My Flash pen drive from A-Data. It came bundled with usb utility that helped create partition as public and secured (one for both). At this time the capacity was 1.88GB. I created a secured parition of 250MB and rest for public. It worked well for two or three months until I...
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