Mobile Phone and Storage


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Hello Digitans,

It is often advised to me in the past that if I have a phone that has an external storage capacity,
I should restrict myself to buying a memory card which would be lesser than the maximum
storage capacity allowed . ( For eg: If the phone allows 64GB, better buy 32GB card ; or if the phone allows 32GB better go for a 16GB card ). Is there any reason for these suggestions? Can't we go for a maximum storage capacity
card and make sure it is not crammed with data to fill it up..??

I got a new Lumia 720 - opted for this model since it has external memory support upto 64GB ( apart from quality battery life). Can I buy a 64GB card for the phone?


Cyborg Agent
Use any card you want. But, If you fill it, The phone might take longer time to show the files on MC.


you can buy any micro SD card according to your storage requirement but make sure its class 10 or class 6. class 8 are rarely found in the market.
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