1. mayneu

    want to buy a usb drive

    i need to know about the usb drive as i will be frequently downloading many small useful foftwares... i cant put them uploaded each time to my g mail..... i need to know in and out of it with 1GB capacity.... reliable one and good features...
  2. B

    hotmail is still 2MB

    my email space in hotmail is still 2MB, can anyone tell me how can i expand my storage capacity
  3. K

    how to write 4.7 gb data on a dvd?

    how to write 4.7 gb data on a dvd :?: :?: :?: i have a sony dru 720A writter and the dvd mentions 4.7 gb 4X while writting it shows 4482 mb capacity tried overburning it sets the parameter to max 4600 mb guys plz help
  4. S

    Is 1 terabyte hard drive

    What is the Maximam capacity of hardisk available in market
  5. Hulo

    ISO images having size > 700 MB

    I downloaded certain ISO images of softwares from the net having sizes ranging from 730 MB to 800 MB. How r they supposed to be burnt on CDs? Are CDs of capacity higher than 700 MB available in the market. To what extent can I overburn 700 MB CDs?
  6. shreyadr

    system hangs frequently , sufficient memory

    Hello friends, I have P1 133 mhz-16 mb RAM-2.1 GB HDD now coneverted to Celeron 950, 128 mb RAM, 40 GB HDD. Windows 98 SE, Office 2000, IE 6 sp1 etc. hardware - cd rom & cd writer memory - c:/ - capacity 4.87 GB - used 1.52 free 3.34 d:/ - capacity 32.4 GB - used 5.95...
  7. ramprasad

    Memory of Nokia 3120

    Hi all Does anyone out here know the memory capacity of Nokia 3120.? Is it possible to extend it....? Regards, Ramprasad
  8. dhawald

    demystify the dvd writers

    i am planning to buy a dvd writer but i am confusedjavascript:emoticon(':?') with the dvd+,-r and dual rayer stuff. i want to know which is which one. please tell me know the capacity-writing speed of each one of them in the current drives available. which is the 4.7 gb and which is 8 gb...
  9. kunwar

    Why couldn't i play dvd in a cd rom?

    as cd and dvd looks same. only their capacity is different. 8) :wink:
  10. D

    Increasing Hard disk space is a big problem

    I heve been using a computer with low space and now I want to upgrade the hard disk capacity without having to buy a new hard disk hard ware.Is there any software which will help me to increase my hard distk capacity? If any one with answer, then please do let me know.I would be grate full to you.
  11. varunbhide

    cd overburning problems

    i want to burn a 746 mb file to a moser baer 80/700 mb cd-r. is it possible in any way? i ask since the file was stored on a similar disk having the same capacity.
  12. goobimama

    Dual Channel RAM

    here's an example: If i have two 256 MB (total = 512 MB) 400 Mhz ddr modules, and I enable dual channel, will the total capacity of the RAM be just a total of 256 MB? 256 MB that is super fast? Milind
  13. nix

    in search of cheap mobile with high SMS storage capacity.

    hi i was looking for a mobile. something cheap. my previous phone was a 3315. now i'am looking for a phone with a higher SMS storage capacity than 3315. 3315 had a SMS or text storage capacity of only 10msgs. something like a 100 would be nice. it should not be a color phone coz right now i...
  14. S

    Where can i get 850MB cds ?

    I recently slipstreamed office 2003 and made an ISO image with the AIO Maker. This came to around 906mb now I need a 850 mb capacity cd which i can use to overburn the iso....any one know where to get such cds?
  15. mohanty1942

    About SATA

    How old is SATA. Did the older Intel M/Bs (intel 810,815, 845 ) contain a SATA port ? What are the data transfer rates for conventional IDE & SATA ports respectively ? I mean to say If I use a single hard disk of : (i) Type- IDE, capacity X GB, at Y RPM from Z manufacturer (Without IDE...
  16. S

    Maximum capacity of Cds

    what exactly is the maximum capacity of a cd i am asking this coz i downloaded a couple of image file of about 778 mb and was wondering whether there were cds of capacity >than 700mb
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