What memory card does my phone support?


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I own a Dell XCD28 and I plan to upgrade to its memory card to 8GB from the default 2GB MicroSD. However, everywhere I've looked, I have only found SDHC cards at the required capacity. Can I use a SDHC card instead of the SD which came with my card? Also, what is the difference between SD and SDHC?


yea u can use SDhC card with ur fone.

There is no difference between

SDhC - SD hiGh Capacity

any SD card greater then 4GB {nt sure though, it could be even 8GB} is called as SDhC Card.

'coz they are hiGh in Capacity so name : SDhC

& while buying look for Class 6
iT will be a little expensive but will provide greater transfer speeds over other SDhC cards {Class 2 & 4}


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I am looking for a microSD card, but all class 6 cards I find are SDHC. Does microSD card come in a class 6 variant?


SDHC is a card family and has nothing to do with the size of the card

From wiki.
"The SDSC (standard-capacity) card family, commonly known as SD, has an official maximum capacity of 2 GB, though some are available up to 4 GB.The SDHC (high-capacity) card family have a capacity of 4 GB to 32 GB. SDXC (extended-capacity) card family have a capacity starting above 32 GB with a maximum capacity of 2 TB."

Just buy a microSDHC card. 8GB class 4 will be enough for your phone. With class 6 u will get marginally better performance on a xcd28,wont be noticible. If u want to be future proof get a 8GB class 6 else go for class 4.
Look for a circle with number 4 or 6(depending on which class it is) on the card. Sandisk,kingston,transcend are good brands to look for.
any SD card larger than 2 GB is called SDHC.
similarly, any micro SD card larger than 2 GB is microSDHC.

So just get any microSDHC 8 GB card with class 4 or up.


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can mobile phone with 8 gb expandable memory having micro sd card slot support 8 gb micro sdhc card?

plz help i'm planning to buy 8 gb micro sdhc card for my phone.
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