1. Faun

    Ethernet cable soldier

    Some amazing work using cat 5 cables
  2. R

    FS:wifi router

    haey evry1........i m sellin my 1 year old wifi router.... brand----smc will give along orignal box,cd,manuals and other cables that com along... price--rs.1200 delhi and ncr region buyers r prefferd for obvious reasons....
  3. S

    Sound problem-Please help

    :(:(:(:(:( yesterday night some box popped up telling me to select the sound evice but i canceled it and selected that do no show again.Now i am not getting any sound on XP.i have tried reinstalling,upgrading drivers,plugging out and in the cables etc etc but nothing seemed to work. I have...
  4. A


    Hello. I need a USB cable which can connect to PCs for data transfer. Regular USB cables should not be used. Laptop to PC data transfer can be done by USB BRIDGE CABEL ( Can anyone suggest where in...
  5. chicha

    how to connect my 8600 to a TV.

    i have a 8600GT 256MB DDR3 which has 2 DVI connectors, and i have a TV LG which has the normal jacks. now how do i connect my pc to my TV. what cables do i need and if possible mention the price. thank you.
  6. P

    Dell Laptop - Extra Cables (TV-out/Composite) ???

    Hey Can anyone tell me what are these 2 cables available with Dell laptop options ? Composite SPDIF Cable [+Rs 187.00] TV-out cable w/ SPDIF [+Rs 141.00] Whats use of both ?
  7. go_gamez

    FS :Gainward 6660gt AGP Golden Sample edition 128MBDD3

    works in perfect condition(only the fan makes a bit of noise) Its the golden sample edition so overclocks to 540\1000+ from the stock 500\900 clock speeds. it comes with DVI to VGA converter and all the VIVO(video in video out) cables also have the box and cds that came with it.. has a...
  8. debsuvra

    Terabit-Per-Second Class Connections over FTTH

    When it comes to internet speeds, we've long-since consigned the humble kilobit-class connection to the dustbin, so a mathematics-based breakthrough has us wondering if megabit- and even gigabit-level connections will one day sound as quaintly archaic. Researchers at Japan's Tohoku University...
  9. bajaj151

    Startup Error

    Reboot and select proper boot device...comes when i start my pc.... then I press restart ....then error disappears... I checked my cables....whether they r loose or not....they r perfectly fine... Whats the reason for this error ??
  10. [A]bu

    Data Cables

    You can find a data cable connected from floppy to motherboard can we connect it to CD drive...
  11. sourishzzz1234

    2 in 1

    I am unable to install CD RW and DVD RW simultaneously.. When I attach the IDE cables to both of them only the DVD RW gets detected... It,s only when i remove the teh IDe cables frm the DVD RW when the CD RW gets detected .... How can i install both of them? Motherboard : Gigabyte DGA-61WFE...
  12. D

    SATA cable

    I seem to be having problems with the (red) stiff SATA data cable.. some time ago, i saw foxconn come up with flexible sata cables.. anyone know where i can get em.. or are they available at all.. thank you
  13. T

    HDTV Question

    I have a 26" Samsung bordeaux HDTV and I have my xbox 360 hooked with Component cables (those 5 cables on the premium edition) . If I buy a VGA cable will it give better quality than component as the monitor has a d-sub input as well?
  14. M

    i wwant to get UV cables.whr in india pls

    hi dear friends, hw are you all. well as a reader of the digit. once i was read an article abt UV Cables wh we can put inside the CPU .in modding section. well i am in search to get some coloured UV cables for modding my own PC. pls be kind enf to let me knw the contact no frm whare...
  15. izzikio_rage

    how to cross crimp

    I recently cross crimped a cable to connect two pc's. however it shows cable disconnected on both the computers . I have tried clamping it many times and also checked the order of the cables. my cable is 33m in length is that the problem? what is the limit for the cable length?
  16. ymhatre

    Connecting ASUS P5rd1 - VM to TV - out ?????

    Guys i hav P5RD1 - Vm mobo. It has TV- out connector on board. So can u please tell me how would i connect it to Tv Do i need any cables or card plz ANswer with details!!!!!!!!!!! THNX
  17. D

    I wanna be Networked !!!

    I want to set up a small home based network. I mean I want my friend's pc and mine to be connected over a lan. Our houses are on the same lane but "his house is 2 houses to the left of the house in front of us".[Please read agin if u didn't understand]. We both have lan ports and decent...
  18. zegulas

    Weird Problem!!!

    Theres a weird problem with my pc, it was working fine till i thought of taking out the vaccum cleaner and cleaning the whole pc, i opened the cabinet and took off the hdd's ide cables, cleaned the cab and closed. But when i tried to boot the pc it gave me the boot failure error. I thought it...
  19. club_pranay

    How to make IDE Cables more "Air Flow" friendly

    ok, for this, the items required are.. 1. a Knife/ Blade having a sharp tip, sharp edge and a blunt edge 2. two IDE Cables (other than one installed, incase things gets messed up) 3. tape- the one used to tie the wires and cables step1> using the knife/blade make shreads of the IDE cable...
  20. P

    data cabels for reliance mobile and reliance phones

    hi all i recently bought reliance lg 6000 mobile and land phone from reliance lsp 350 which is similiar to walkie phone of tata indicomm, now i need data cabels for thease mobiles to connect to internet. im new to chennai and can any tell me where can i find data cables in...
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