1. patkim

    How reliable are USB3 Extension cables?

    Sometime back I purchased a USB3 extension cable about 1.5M from ebay. It was available for some 350-400 Rs range and I think it was Terabyte brand. For a first few days it worked fine. Now I find that it works fine whenever I connect only my USB2 devices to it, be it a pen drive or my mobile...
  2. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] F&D F5090 5.1 HTS Speakers Set

    For sale: F&D F5090 Price: 8,500/- Reason for sale: upgraded to AVR and separates Dt. of purchase: late 2011 Condition: 3.5/5 Shipping: local-sale preferred these are hefty-sounding speakers (analog-only) whose strength lies in audio-reproduction of movies & games. a remote and cables will be...
  3. wwwescape

    HDMI cables and USB OTG cables

    Please suggest me a good HDMI cable to connect my set-top-box and PS3 to my TV. I've heard that AmazonBasics HDMI cables are good but they are expensive. Also please suggest a good USB OTG cable that can be used on Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and Redmi phones or tablets. Thanks.
  4. D

    Cheap a$$ cables

    I am tired of replacing cheap quality cables getting down even those with warranty. There are so many useless cables lying around my house. Its 2016 aren't manufacturers supposed to provide quality cables instead of useless features and high resolution.
  5. U

    SATA cables

    Can any one suggest me any good SATA cables? Open to buying online. Most of the cables are cheap cables and in the local market they are available as low as 25 rupees per cable. They died in 6 months twice. The cables that came with the motherboard served me for 3 years before they died and now...
  6. D

    My Monster Gaming+Work Rig (2L+)

    Hey guys, My new Monster PC Rig is finally ready. It was an amazing experience to complete the RIG. Pics here. Himanshu Jain - My new Monster PC Rig is finally ready. It... | Faceboo Final PC Configuration: Cabinet: Corsair 780T - INR 13,086 Processor: Intel i7 6700K - INR 26,100...
  7. swatkats

    [For Sale] Procy | Ram | Mobo | PSU > Have a look!

    Procy | Mobo Expected Price: Rs 3400 Source and Time of Purchase: 20/10/08, Memory sticks in 2010. Reason for Sale: No Need RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: 3/5. Purchase Invoice Available: No Company official Indian warranty...
  8. R

    Halfway in pc build need help

    I am currently building a PC, for the first time. Config as below I have few cables from PSU still left over, 2 PCI-E , Optical Drive and 1 Molex Connector. How Can I make sure everything needed is connected ? Intel i5 4570 GIGABYTE H87-HD3 Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600MHZ Seagate 1TB...
  9. amjath

    Crimping LAN Cable - Tutorial

    Ethernet Cable/LAN Cable: An Ethernet cable is one of the most popular forms of network cable used on wired networks. Ethernet cables connect devices on local area networks such as PCs, routers and switches. Types of Cables: Basically there are 3 types of Cables. 1. Straight Through...
  10. A

    Will HIS R9 280X fit in my cabinet

    I have finally made up my mind to purchase this card but doubt if it would fit in my cabinet. Can someone please assist me with this? I opened up my cabinet to check this, card is about 30cm long and at about the same length, there is a steel plate which might obstruct the cables going into the...
  11. RCuber

    HDMI Cables Needed

    Hi Guys, I need two HDMI cables. Can you please recommend few good and affordable ones? Braided cables preferred. budget is 300-500 per cable. Need to connect a Set-top box and also a media player. my Sony Bluray player came with a stock cables, didn't check the quality, if its not good I...
  12. Gollum

    When I got to open my Z820

    I do a bit of useless graphics crap in the office on a unnecessarily overpowered PC. Its called as HP Z820 Workstation Its supposed to have 2 CPU's but I got only one But lets not spoil the mood with my misery. After opening the Side panel All you see is NOTHING lol the thing in the...
  13. patkim

    long sata cables - can it be spiral wrapped

    The SATA cables in my desktop are quite long and in general they clutter inside the cabinet! Is it ok to wrap them in coil / spiral like fashion say by wrapping along a pencil to reduce the length? Would it affect the performance or cause any issues?.
  14. paroh

    Sabotage of undersea cables to slow down internet speed for 30 days

    NEW DELHI: Internet speeds in India, especially for customers of Bharti Airtel, Tata Communications and state-owned BSNL and MTNL are set to be disrupted for the next 20-25 days, after a key undersea cable, carrying data traffic across 14 countries, from Singapore to France, was cut off the...
  15. amjath

    Cable Management for Cooler Master Elite 430

    Just tell me is this cable management okay for cooler master elite 430. :rofl: sure is bro. Maximum I tried tieing lets see whether I can do more Bro I think my cabinet not that good for Cable management, I tried my level. Also all cables are little stretchy [barabar ka lenght me hai...
  16. C

    New HDD slow as hell !!!!

    Hi guys, My laptop hdd just died on me so got it replaced it from dell as it was under warranty now the issue with new hdd has shown up but don't know what to make out of it.The thing is that the new games,extraction and compresion of huge files is just taking too much time.So i used hd tune...
  17. win32.tr0jan

    Monitor No longer supporting recommended resolution

    Hi all, I am using LG W53 Series 18.5" screen. I was using 1360x768 resolution till today. I was playing CS1.6 and shutdown at around 4.30pm. When I switched the PC on now, my monitor looks blurry as if AA is turned off. I tried the cables and new GFx drivers ( HD 5670 ). No good. But...
  18. D

    DSL Router to Fibre Optic Duplex System?

    Hi all, I'd like to get your advice on a little situation our church has. To give you a rundown of the situation, we're located in a mall, in 3 very distant locations. Our church service is held at the 5th floor and we have 2 offices at the 4th floor. Think east and west and the church...
  19. D

    Need an Expertise Help ...please help me!!!

    Hi EveryOne, I want to connect tata sky SD with my CRT-monitor .I am having -- 1. Compaq Monitor 2. Tata Sky SetTop Box 3.TV Tuner of brand : UMAX TV5-3280 4. Cables : (a) MMI AVI Input (b) LINE OUT (c) Adapter (d) VGA cable : used for connecting TV tuner to CPU (not useful as I dont...
  20. sumonpathak

    ROG Maximus V Formula unboxing.

    Hi there folks.. Asus was kind enough to send me an sample from their ROG line up this time.Presenting the Maximus V Formula. This is the mid range board from their Z77 ROG lineup and being as such it got everything one would look for in an enthusiast board. the important features worth...
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