1. M

    6 year old 44x CD-ROM Blues .....

    I have an AMD K6-2 350Mhz, 128MB Ram and a 44X CD-ROM. I had installed Windows XP Home Edition on an NTFS partition as a trial. After 30 days, which required activation. I formatted back to FAT32 and installed good ol' Windows 98 SE. But now my CD-ROM is acting wierd. I reads all types CD's...
  2. mohit

    Antec Cobra cables

    hey guyz , i just checked these cables out on the antec website and i want to know if its worth buying them ? i want to confirm if these cables can be used to connect normal ide devices such as cd/dvd/cdrw readers .... they are a good buy as...
  3. tuxfan

    What are the differences between different LAN cables?

    What are the differences between different LAN cables like CAT 5, CAT 5E, CAT 6, etc.?
  4. D

    cant add second hard disk

    i have 4 molex power cables in my pc. one each for a hard disk, floppy and 2 optical drives. i want to attach a second hard disk but there are no more power cables remaining. i dont mind removing one from the floppy drive but if i do that, the computer refuses to boot. how do i go about...
  5. club_pranay

    Reliance- LG LSP-340E

    Whenever i try to connect i get this error.. i have tried many different cables but the problem remains the same. where could be the problem? the handset or the port(com)/computer???
  6. D

    coputer restarting

    My computer restarts automaticaly. i have checked my power outlet and repluged all power cables. pls help me
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