FS :Gainward 6660gt AGP Golden Sample edition 128MBDD3

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works in perfect condition(only the fan makes a bit of noise) Its the golden sample edition so overclocks to 540\1000+ from the stock 500\900 clock speeds.
it comes with DVI to VGA converter and all the VIVO(video in video out) cables also have the box and cds that came with it..

has a Component out,s -vid out and s vid IN via the VIVO cables.

it can run many of the best titles of 2007 on low settings and pre 2007 games like nfscarbon ,mostwanted , call of duty , etc etc on medium\high settings...

its around 2 yrs old ..so if gainward (mediatech india) gives warranty for 3 years ,theres still 11 months warranty left.will have to check with mediatech india regarding the warranty..but mostly it has 11 months warranty left.

but incase it provides only 1 yr. warranty i will provide 10 days testing warranty.

PRICE : Rs. 3500
looking for Mumbai buyers only or else if someone can pick it up for from here..and then ship it to you its ohk with me.
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