Sound problem-Please help

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yesterday night some box popped up telling me to select the sound evice but i canceled it and selected that do no show again.Now i am not getting any sound on XP.i have tried reinstalling,upgrading drivers,plugging out and in the cables etc etc but nothing seemed to work.
I have Logitech hdphns.ufortunately only logitech is marked on them no model no.:(
I have ASUS Supreme audio FX.Plzzzz help guyz


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reinstalling the o/s is the last u can do? before tht try to uninstall the audio driver & re-install from mobo cd - then plug in & out the speaker jack twice it will give u the poup again.

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1. Right click My Computer and click properties.
2. Then go to the Hardware Tab
3. Click Device Manager
then right click any thing with yellow exclamation mark
and click Update Drivers.
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