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Q6600 Underclocked
I am unable to install CD RW and DVD RW simultaneously..
When I attach the IDE cables to both of them only the DVD RW gets detected... It,s only when i remove the teh IDe cables frm the DVD RW when the CD RW gets detected ....
How can i install both of them?
Motherboard :
Gigabyte DGA-61WFE based on Intel 82810E chipset


The Frozen Nova
Currently, the jumpers are fit in a way that your cd-rw and dvd-rw is a master drive. But when you connect both, only the drive connected as master gets detected. Remove the jumpers from your CD-RW and/or DVD-RW


Cyborg Agent
jumper problem for sure. Configure one as Master and another as Slave. Look out on Drives about pin configuration
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