1. W

    Questions regarding ASRock Z77 Pro4 mobo

    So very shortly I'll be buying this mobo from a local shop in india- - ASRock Z77 Pro4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard My Questions- 1) The pictures & feedback from the users on that site says that it comes with 2 SATA cables but I need to know...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    Corsair Individually Sleeved PSU Cables

    First Look: Corsair Individual Sleeved Modular PSU Cables - Corsair Individually Sleeved PSU Cables - Legit Reviews
  3. S

    Upgrading from 8600gt 236mb ddr3

    Hi everyone, I am going to upgrade for my 86ooGT 256mb ddr3 to HD6770 which is currently in my budget around 6.5K My specs are Hp compaq 8100 elite cmt pc CPU - i3 550 @3.2ghz RAM - 2*2GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1333Mhz Hp mobo and 3 HD's at 500,320,120GB's My PSU is 320 watt ( 80+ gold rated )...
  4. A

    want to connect laptop to tv!!

    i want to connect my laptop wid my CRT it posible..............are there any cables available..................... plz help guys....
  5. tkin

    Corsair HX620 and High RPM 80mm FANs

    Everything SOLD Hi guys, selling my HX620 that's been rocking with me for 2.5yrs. FANs are on sale again, PM me for tasty deals on the SMPS. Item Name and URL: Corsair HX620 Item description: For those who are into psu tech do not need an intro but lets just say this the best sub...
  6. saswat23

    All about various PC Power Supply Cables and Connectors

    People always like to build/Assemble PC of their own, may it be a beginner or a Pro. Installing the processor, mobo, HDD, ODD, RAM and GPU is not a problem, but to plug the PSU cables in their appropriate connector is the major problem (especially for beginners). This link below will...
  7. S

    Cables for 5.1 channel speakers

    Hello, I bought a Creative T6100 today. But my room is liitle big and i cant get the cables reach the rear of the room (Rear Left & Right speakers). Is there is any way i can increase the length, by connecting extra jack or something like it. A liitle advice on this matter will be of great...
  8. M

    need help on my external HD

    i have WD3200ME-01 works fine on other systems having XP/Vista, but its not detected/recognised on my system having win7...i tried every thing by changing USB slots and cables but in vain.the disk light blinks for a while and it doesn't even spin..what could be the problem?...please help...
  9. S

    Buying Component & HDMI Cable

    Hi, I want to connect 1. Tata Sky STB's component output with Sony LCD TV's component input, 2. HP laptop's HDMI output with same TV's HDMI input. So, please suggest brand & model for component video cable & HDMI cable, out of the following brands. MX, Bandridge, Sony, Philips, Panasonic...
  10. jeffrain123

    E6300, E5200, 250w psu, lots of cables

    I'm selling a few items that i wont be needing E6300 - 2600 (SOLD) Seagate 320GB 7200.10 with warranty till May '12 - 1750 Creative EP430 (one day used with 1 yr warranty) - 650 ( AOpen 250W PSU - 220 2x 50cm sata cables - 30 each 2x floppy...
  11. desiibond

    XFX to enter power supply market

    850 watts rated at 50C degrees Single 12V rail rated up to 70A/840W Detachable modular cables Up to 88% efficiency (80 Plus Silver rated) Voltage regulation to within +/-3%
  12. rajwansh2003

    Remote Hacking possible!!!

    I want to know that if my computer is in shutdown position(power is on) can it be accessed by other user still. I am using broadband it can be of any provider.All the cables are still connected. If yes how?
  13. W

    Sterlite Tech. bags Rs 24 cr contract from BSNL for "Fibre To The Home" project

    SOURCE Pune, India – October 1, 2008 – Sterlite Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of wire and cable solutions for the telecom and power industries, today announced that it has received a contract from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), India to supply fiber optic cables with the...
  14. H

    Connecting more than 2 comprents to NEW plasma TV

    Hello all, I just bought today a Samsung 50" Plasma TV. Really cool ^_^ (Samsung PN50A400C2DXZA) Anyhow, I own a Xbox 360 and a satellite reciever (set-top-box). And I tried to connect them both using the Regular Video/Audio cable (red/yellow/white) And I could only hook up 1 working with...
  15. M

    India suffers massive internet disruption after undersea cables break enjoy the slow speed :rolleyes:
  16. R

    Few Q's on assembling a PC

    ok guys im almost done but have few probs. i have a eXtreme Power 600W by CoolerMaster.and a MSI p45 NEO F. now i have 2 PCI-e connectors from my PSU but i don't know where to connect it!? and when connecting the LED .Reset ,HDD lights etc cables from my case to mobo how do i...
  17. N

    Need Help With Internet Connection Sharing

    How do I share a 256 Kbps broadband internet connection between 3 Pcs all running Windows XP professional (with sp2) I have only an 8 port switch and the cables. Please reply with step by step instructions on how to set them up. Thanks in advance :)
  18. Ricky

    Any guy with experience in WiFi networking..

    If anyone here have any knowledge about WiFI networking then I need to know about few things related to it. First of all, where I can get Antenna Extension Cables ? By Antenna Extension Cables I mean the cable which is connected to WIFI device and Antenna. Do those cable are available in...
  19. pradeepbp

    Wireless Adapter

    I am having a wireless router for dsl broadband connection. Since my PC does not have wireless capabilities, presently I am using cables to connect with it. Now, Can I use a wireless adapter with PC so that I can connect to the router without cables? If yes, what features should I check before...
  20. B

    pc starting problm, doesnt start

    My frd has a ibm pc. recently it has started giving a peculiar problm.whenever my frd starts it shows an error, PXE E61: MEDIA TEST FAILURE CHECK CABLE he tries to restart a couple of times n after 3-4 starts it goes beyond the boot sequence n shows d desktop. i checked on it and all cables r...
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