1. $hadow

    Audio Technica M30X Review

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones 2. Carrying bag (leather bag) Build Quality The build quality is great, considering that it is made of hard plastic throughout. It does not seem as sturdy or durable as its bigger cousin, the M50x, but it should get the job done. The...
  2. bssunilreddy

    mATX Cable Management Tutorial ???

    Hi, Can anyone make a tutorial on any mATX case featuring cable management Tricks & Tips. Eg: Deepcool SMARTER LED mATX case...
  3. anirbandd

    RJ45 ISP cable works with Laptop, but not with Desktop

    Hi All, I have a Spectranet connection which gave us a RJ45 cable directly from the ONT box. That cable is used in a Beetel A7777 WiFi enabled router for providing internet access to all wireless device in our home. I used an HP Pavilion G6-2303TX Laptop, which used to detect the internet...
  4. B

    Network shows another computer connected to mine.

    The OS is Win 8, with Bitdefender Total Security 2015 installed. Two days ago, I got a new GTPL connection. I haven't bought a router yet, and so I connect the GTPL cable to the laptop directly and then enter the ID and password in the Connections section of the screen that comes up on the...
  5. D

    USB 3.0 error code 43

    Guys, help me with this error. I'm running Win 8.1. It was working fine. After unplug and replugging onto the mobo during cable management, it has started. Methods I tried 1. Uninstall/install driver 2. System recovery 3. Unplug/replug data cable to moBo socket 4. Restart system None of these...
  6. bssunilreddy

    Micro ATX Cabinet under 4k with good cable management features

    Hai, I want to buy any Micro ATX Cabinet under 4k with good cable management features.Please reply asap.
  7. S

    alliance broadband switching to coaxial cable modem

    I have recently seen alliance broadband connections in the neighbourhood being switched to cable modem. Earlier a single RJ45 cable would reach the customer which he could connect to a router or the LAN port of the computer, configure the static ip and he would be ready to connect. Now, the RJ45...
  8. I

    Durable IEM under 1k

    Hi, I am looking for durable ear phones for under 1k preferably 500 rs. (cheaper the better) for use with my Redmi Note 3G for music +audiobooks. I use ear phones very roughly and is not going to change ;) I have used many ranging from Chinese cheapos to sony MDREX220LP. And i have destroyed...
  9. C

    Headphone cable messed up

    I have a skullcandy hesh. Its cable is worn and its sound is distorted if i use it. Will any random Aux cable work? Like this one.. 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Auxiliary AUX Cable: Electronics Any suggestions or help is appreciated..Thanks. - - - Updated - - - Anyone?
  10. jaimin100

    16gb sandisk pd stoped detecting

    hello mates,while i was formating(full) there is some intuption in that,and mg popup that unable to format pd,after that it is not detectected in my pc or in my phone via otg cable shall i throw it away? or any sollution? right now in oman so i dont think so i have choice to go to service...
  11. rhitwick

    Help me with my WiFi router

    Hi guys I'm having a weird problem with my WiFI router. Let me provide you the technical details first, I'll state the problem later. I'm using cable broadband provided bt SITI cable. Plan is 1mbps UL I was using it with my PC till now without any issue. Recently bought a wifi router...
  12. E

    Android Phone with TV Output

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone which has TV out feature (not wireless and not HDMI). In my current iPhone 3GS, I can simply plug a cable it and the TV and see movies directly. Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  13. dissel

    No Display after Windows OS Load ! Very Strange Problem ! Please Help .....

    Hello Friends & Experts, Hopefully I'm posting in the Right Section, As the title suggest my said display can't able to maintain picture after (Only) windows boot up. Here is the my desktop Config :- i3 3220 Giga B75-D3H 8 GB Ripjaws 1 TB Seagate + 500 GB WD Green Cooler Master 600W OS...
  14. gohan89

    Need Wifi for Meghabela Cable Broadband!!!

    I need a router for Meghabela Cable broadband.Suggest one with good range and constant speed for use with laptop,2 smartphones and also I will be using the connection on my PC. What about this one ? Is anyone using Meghabela Broadband here? Please suggest how to get good speed while...
  15. D

    Does AUX cable really matter ?

    Well i am planning to replace my old 2metre AUX cable with a new one. I was going through Flipkart & Ebay & was surprised to see such a wide variation in the prices & no decent review in the net to actually say whether there is much difference between a 100rs & 500rs cable. So i decided to post...
  16. Harsh Pranami

    Laptop screwed!! Help

    My Hp g6-2005ax is not turning on anymore. Nothing happens when I press the power button. I opened the laptop and found nothing wrong with the switch. But the display cable was badly damaged (friction due to broken hinge) But if the display cable is the culprit then the laptop should turn on...
  17. Gtb93

    TP-Link Wireless Problem.

    Hey guys. I current have a TP-Link wireless router, and a cisco-model cable modem. Connection: You Broadband pune. The issue: The internet works fine when I connect my laptop to the cable modem directly by using an ethernet cable. However, when I connected the ethernet to the WAN port...
  18. R

    which is the usb port in the below picture?

    Which is the port below in the pic which is BLUE ? I thinks its slighty offset and hence i'm not able to plug in my usb 3 or any usb 2 cable. Or is this meant for something else. This is front side of HAF 912. PIC attached - - - Updated - - -
  19. C

    Monitor not going to sleep mode after using HDMI cable

    Recently i changed my monitor cable from VGA to HDMI. After this, when i shut down PC, i get "No cable connected" error message and a blue screen. Because of this, i have to turn off power to monitor after shutting down PC. Monitor : BenQ V2410 LED. Motherboard Asus X58...
  20. C

    HDMI Cable

    I need to connect SAPPHIRE HD 5670 512MB GDDR5 PCIE VGA To my monitor BenQ v2410 LED, which have HDMI 1.3. Can i use the cable Buy HDMI TO HDMI CABLE Online at Low Prices in India | HDMI Computer Reviews & Ratings ? I am replacing the cable because i do plan to get a...
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