1. P

    Looking to buy cat 6 cable

    I am looking to buy cat 6 cable 15-20m cheap which actually has cat 6 speeds. There are a lot of them and i cannot decide which will be the best. Thanks in advance.
  2. piyush2903

    PCI e cable required

    Hi, I need to buy 2 X (6+2) PCI-e cable for connecting my Graphics card(Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce) to PSU(MII12 Evo 750). Can anyone suggest we where I can buy it online or offline in hyderabad. Please do suggest I need it urgently.
  3. piyush2903

    Connecting GPU to PSU

    I have bought Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce and I am using Seasonic MII12 Evo 750 PSU. I am having trouble connecting graphics card to my PSU as connecting them won't allow my PC to start and as soon as I disconnect it PC starts. As I googled about it found out that I am doing something wrong with...
  4. K

    Apple iphone 3g usb cable

    Hi Guys, The original USB CABLE OF APPLE IPHONE3G MODEL is Rs.1500/-. Is there any cheap and best quality one available on online or at resellers? Kindly provide me with your details.
  5. bestpain

    laptop screen totally white

    my acer 5740 laptop screen was cracked ....when i went to replace screen at service centre they told that the video cable is also broken and need to be replaced.....after replacing the screen and the video cable ,and output on the screen is totally white ,nothing else. the service center guy...
  6. S

    TP-LINK TD-W8968 For Cable Broadband

    Dear Guys, i Want to buy TP-LINK TD-W8968 router for local cable broadband.i see many good review about this product. can anyone tell me am i using it for local cable on flipkart v4 coming.For final confirm.pls elp - - - Updated - - - pls replyyy
  7. R

    Dell U2515H Problems

    Hello friends , I recently bought Dell U2515H directly from Dell India website . But facing some weird problem with it. Problems are :- On mDP to DP cable (Came with Monitor.) 1. Blinking. Like this :- * .But the frequency of blinking is more...
  8. H

    How to setup router for PPPOE net connection?

    Hi, I earlier had Tikona wireless connection,wherein i had a receiver on my terrace and from that receiver i had given input to my router D-link AC750 Dir 803 wifi router. Now i subscribed to new local internet, the guy has given me a cable whose end point is an rj-45 jack. The jack has...
  9. D

    Acer Hard Disk not detected in BIOS, Working fine on other PC

    Hi guys, My friends office PC Acer Veriton M200 (Warranty expired), which was working fine was not used for a week in that period the CMOS battery died and when he started the PC he got the message CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR, press F1 to continue, after that the hard disk was not detected before...
  10. P

    How do cable internet providers in kolkata terminate their service connections?

    Hello fellow members, I joined to ask the question: how do cable internet providers like wishnet and alliance in Kolkata provide connectivity to their subscribers? I live outside Kolkata and am having a hard time reaching them directly to ask this question. The point is that I have a...
  11. J

    Note 3 USB Cable Thread

    Hey, Just my Samsung Note 3 USB 3.0 stock cable got burnt! Any recommend USB 3.0 cable you guys recommend here in India? I don't want to buy from samsung as they don't sell USB 3 cable alone in accessories. So, any reputed brands retailed in India would suffice I hope. Cheers!
  12. T

    broadband cable to ADSL converter

    I have this circular cable attached to the back of the modem, but I just bought a new modem+router of tp link 300mbps which doesn't have the circular but just offers an ADAL connector slot. What to do? Pls help asap.
  13. vito scalleta

    Cheap HDMI cable

    Hey Guys, I want to connect my PC to my full hd tv . So i need a hdmi cable The gpu I have is an amd hd 7750 Iam having a wifi router very close to the TV. So the cable needs to avoid the interference Required length is 2 metre minimum Budget is rs.500 (cant exceed). Pls post...
  14. iittopper

    [Want to Buy] rocksmith cable

    Let me know if you have it .
  15. mitraark

    DLink 2750u ADSL Router for Cable Internet

    Have a Dlink 2750u ADSL router which I intend to use for Cable Internet , input is a RJ45 cable, static IP Any one knows how to bypass the DSL ATM COnfiguration page and directly setup using static IP?
  16. maheshn

    Negative Experience Belkin USB data cable - freebie removed by seller or FK during shipment and Item not as advertised

    My 2nd negative experience from FK. Ordered a pink Belkin USB data Cable. Item at Belkin Mix IT Micro USB to USB 2.0 Charge Cable/Data Cable USB Cable - Belkin : seller name: AIRDEALS Ordered: Pink USB Cable. Got: Dark Purple :-( On the original Belkin Box: "Includes...
  17. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] MX audio cables, and a few others.

    # Products: 1. RJ11 Telephone cable ~8m - just the shipping-amt. 2. RJ11 Telephone cable ~20m - 220/- shipped. 3. Simple sheathed red & black copper cable (hot wires, for power connections) - ~14-15m - 150/- shipped. 4. MX 3.5mm (female) to RCA (male) cable - 180/- shipped. 5. MX 3.5mm to RCA...
  18. sling-shot

    Reliable USB hub with max cable length for desktop computer

    I am looking for a reliable USB hub with at least 1 meter cable length for my desktop computer as the front USB ports have rusted away and it is very annoying to reach the back ports. I have tried various local options including iBall products which either fail to recognise my devices...
  19. C

    Setting up WIFI from local cable broadband.

    Hi all, I am in a situation where I am not able to set up the wifi connection. I want to set up wifi. The internet source is local cabel wala broadband. The Router I have is TP LINK TD-W8968 Problem: The local cable wala broadband has a RJ45 cable The internet is coming through an...
  20. sandynator

    Need Single RCA Extension Cable [Male to Female] for Edifier C2 Speaker

    Guys I'm planning to wall mount my newly acquired Edifier C2's but the cable is too short & looks delicate too.. For this purpose I need some good VFM RCA Extension cable & some Stiff Wire cover for these speaker wires. Is there any separate RCA extension for Audio?? Please suggest..
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