1. avichandana20000

    2012 bye bye

    What is/are the memorable event/s that haapen/s in your life in 2012? in my case i have changed my Employer twice with a salary hike of 40%:mrgreen:
  2. Dishant

    i want a invitation code

    hi guys...i dunno if this is the right place for this post but i need an invitation code for if somebody can provide me'll be great... thanks n regards bye
  3. Faun

    Good bye all, I am leaving :)

    Goodluck, this forum is dull now
  4. rosemolr

    Say Bye Bye To China Phones

    Say bye bye to china phones.Indian Telecoms department had decided to ban china phones in India bye Rejecting the phone's request to register in any mobile network.Reason for the ban is that it have no imie and hence tracing of these phones will not be possible.The imie no of these kinda phones...
  5. T

    suggest keyboard wireless

    my keyboard has said bye bye and i needa new one am thinking of getting a nice new wireless one requirements: multimedia buttons like play pause etc if wireless must be rechargable pls suggest one not too costly around or within 1k if u can suggest a gr8 wired one then also welcome
  6. A

    Game beta testing !!

    Hello everyone ! My name is Amey. I am currently pursuing engg in comp branch. I am currently having campus interviews going on. But the companies and jobs offerings are not of my liking. What i want to do is beta testing of games ! So can any one give information about this ?? Any company or...
  7. MetalheadGautham

    Bye Bye Ubuntu... I shall miss you... NOT

    I first started using linux an year back. I started with Ubuntu 7.04. It was one of the most enjoyable operating systems I ever used. A few weeks back, I decided to install the newer Long Time Support Version, ubuntu hardy heron. Its quite unstable and often laggy on my system. Unlike an year...
  8. pritish_kul2

    Bye guys

    Bye guys, I woouldn't be online for most of the time as my net has been restricted by my parents:(
  9. chicha

    what to do when you are low?

    i am sure that some of you have said good bye to very very close friends, and are sure never to meet them again. i have now said good bye to 3 such friends and i am so low that it will make marina trench shallow. so what do you ppl do when you feel so low? i am now dead man waling. :(
  10. azzu

    Now Music On Our Wrist's

    Aigo’s A020 MP3 watch It may not look like a Tag Heuer or an Omega or a Rolex, but it has a charm of its own. The A020 is designed by Citizen and this analog watch looks quite stylish and rugged. As far as I know it’s not water resistant A small USB cable that fits into the strap of the watch...
  11. R

    stopping piracy

    Hi, I have done bye bye to pirated softwares for long time now. I need free Image Editing software similar to features available in Adobe Photoshop. Are there any such free or open source softwares available? I will be thankful if you could suggest me software which has features...
  12. T

    Ken Kutaragi "Father of Playstation" to retire

    Read here:- * and * Good bye Ken and PlayStation. Let the PlayStation fanboy war begun. :)

    Give Windows XP Vista-like search capabilities.

    Hi guys,what if you aren’t quite ready yet to upgrade to Vista? Maybe you have legacy applications that won’t run on it or your hardware isn’t compatible with the new OS. The good news is that you can get similar search capabilities in Windows XP, or even Windows 2000, by installing Windows...
  14. iMav

    nikon digicam users read this....

    all u ppl using nikon digicams ..... don make the mistake i made ... don plug the cam to the PC in ON state .... if ur cam is on and directly plugged to the PC ..... say bye bye to transferring pics thru the data cable ... i learnt the hard way ... i had a coolpix 2xxx series cam not sure abt...
  15. N

    Can Outlook Express be configured in s system using a shared connection ?

    Hi friends, I would like to ask,if anyone of you can tell me how to configure a Outlook Express in a system which is in LAN and has not been directly connected to the Internet . Well,I have found out that the IP address of the system to be : Internet Explorer is working fine...
  16. V

    Motorola c168 or Sony Ericsson J230i

    I want to buy mobile. Plz suggest which one is better. Thanx in advance. Bye..
  17. Cool Buddy

    right click for bye bye!

    Whenever i right click anywhere on the Yahoo! Massenger window, it gets closed. How to stop this? Also, is pop access free in If yes, What are the server names and port settings?
  18. A

    Help:GPRS using Nokia 6030

    hi i have Nokia 6030 i activate Airtel GPRS from my mobile, i can access sites using mobile browser. can i access internet from my PC using 6030, Is 6030 act as modem like 6600, i bye data cable, but i don't know how to connect it? pls help me.
  19. DukeNukem

    Does Any Application like this exists ??

    Hi Angels, Do you know any app. that tells opon execution of exe it searches for which supporting or required files?? HELP bye ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Life is like a box of ammo No replies Rest in peices
  20. P

    Need an All in 1-sca/copy/fax mfd printer

    hi 2 buy a all in one officejet like printer it shud have printer,paper feed scanner, copier, and fax. is ok..if it had bluetooth function networking also. cudnt come 2 a decison..which company 2 select which model.?? the device shud be compact and shud look...
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