1. windchimes

    Asus K53SM-SX010D or Dell New Inspiron 15R.. Help me decide

    Hi guys, Planning to buy a new laptop. Maximum budget is under 50k ...I don't own a desktop and this would be my sole companion. Will be using this for entertainment ( movies , music and gaming once in a while), graphics work like photo editing, browsing net and other office programs like...
  2. Sarath

    Limiting Wifi Users

    I have a linksys WRT120N wireless N router. I have 2 PCs, one PS3, one ipod, one android device connected to it at different times. Q: I want to know, if there is any way I can thorough my PC, cut off access of any other device to the internet temporarily, through a software (bundled one or...
  3. P

    HDD cleaned. Can i use the OEM serial key?

    hi guys, in a desperate attempt to install chrome os, i cleaned my HDD, and now want to know that the microsoft label with serial key bundled with my laptop, has a serail key on it, and can i use that to install win 7 (the bundled os or any other version of win 7???) on my laptop? Please do...
  4. giprabu

    A webcam related issue ..

    I have an i-Ball face2face 8.0 model webcam... The problem is while recording videos, even a 4 min video clipping is of 100MB large @176x144.. if i change the resolution to 640x480, then the size exceeds to 700MB to 1GB..:shock: (these values are while using the software that came...
  5. funkysourav

    My new desktop PC

    Guys I have made the following purchase(haven't yet got the final bill, so haven't posted the price) AthlonII X4 635 Gigabyte 785GMT-US2H Corsair VS 1333MHz 2X2GB DDR3 Corsair VX 450 CM Elite 310(red border, without side panel) Samsung Myst Eco B2030 Seagate 500GB...
  6. H

    Want to buy a modded PS2

    Hey Guys, Thinking of buying a modded PS2. Any idea where/what price I can get it in Chennai? Also, are component out cables bundled with it?? Thanks guys!
  7. V

    which SMPS ?

    If I go for Athlon II X2 240 & Gigabyte 780 mb, then plz tell me which smps ? will it work with inbuilt smps bundled with Zebronics Bijli ?
  8. ravi_9793

    New Updated Reliance Broadband plans

    Plan 499 combo Monthly Rental (Rs) >> 499 Download speed* >> 100 Kbps# Bundled Data usage >> Unlimited Bundled Voice usage (Rs.) >> 75 Plan 649 combo Monthly Rental (Rs) >>649 Download speed* >> 300 Kbps Bundled Data usage >> Unlimited Bundled Voice usage (Rs.) >> 150 Plan 1199...
  9. Spiff

    W705 or N79 :-?

    I plan to buy a new mobile. My budget being 18k (along with memory card). I hv zeroed in on SE W705 and N79. My requirements being : *3G *Good music player (must) *Handful of appliccations *Fast UI *Decent camera (i ll b making few clicks a week) I am a bit biased towards SE. No Samsung n...
  10. G

    Help me buy earphones

    Hi, I recently received philips SA1356 mp3 player(1GB) as gift.The volume is loud enough but there is no bass effect in the headphones bundled with it. Will buying a good earphone improve the sound quality of this player? If yes,any recommendations? (budget not to exceed Rs.1200)
  11. bravo007

    How Is SE K660i ??????

    Hello Friends !!!:D Plzz give me ur views on SE K660i. Is it worth it for 8K?? Is there any other SE phone within 8k bundled with nice features??:rolleyes:
  12. S

    Prices of SE-HPM earphones ?

    I want to know prices of HPM-70, HPM-75, HPM-82 in mumbai/pune. How does each of them fare when compared to Creative EP-630/635 ? Will I have to buy a SE earphone also in order to use EP-630 ? I have w800i. I lost the orginal bundled ear phones and used to use a alternate one without...
  13. sreenisatish

    S/PDIF bracket

    IS there any site online where I can buy a S/PDIF bracket? It was not bundled with my motherboard.
  14. johnjjx

    Fs: leadtek 7950gt 256gddr3 extreme edition pcie

    Sellin recently rmad piece. As title says. In warranty arnd n yr or more left Cmes with al accessories n discs bundled. Price 4k.(non-negotiable). Extreme edition/std clocks core 600/550
  15. S


    hey buddies suggest me gud headphone for ma N73ME rather than bundled one thnxxxx
  16. V

    Good Mobile ph upto rs 6000

    Hi ! Can nyone advice me for a new mobile for upto rs 6000, shud have decent sound n camera (prefer 2 or 1.3 mp).......also consider bundled things....
  17. B

    Overclocked 8800GTX FS for throw away price

    Im interested in selling my EVGA SUPERCLOCKED 8800GTX bundled with CRYSIS for rs 25000 only. Contact me if you are intrested
  18. P

    FS : Motorola Rokr E6

    I am selling my 1 month old rokr e6 for 9k....it is gud as new ....will give all da acessories dat r bundled with it... reason for sale is got HTC Tytn II ..so not using this nymore...
  19. B

    8800GTX for 25K

    I have two EVGA superclocked 8800GTX with Crysis bundled selling them for 25k. Intrested please reply
  20. I

    Nokia 5700 Users

    i'm going 2 buy nokia 5700 shortly. i wanna know about the quality of the earphones bundled with 5700. Are they good enough? I was thinking of buying a Creative EP 630 along with 5700. But some people say that 5700 works best with the default earphones. Is this true? Does EP 630 really sound...
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