1. hash!!

    nero multisession blues

    i just bought an optiarc (nec/sony) dvd burner, model number> AD-7190A... i kinda lost the nero setup which came with it, so i installed the nero version which came with the sony model, DRU190A... but then, everytime i try burn a dvd, this comes up: it says that im about to write a...
  2. R

    Which headset is this?

    Can someone tell me what is the name of this headset? Does it come bundled with 5700? Is it wireless or not? Thanx.
  3. S

    Games included with Graphics Cards

    Hi all, I am wondering where I can find info regarding the games that are bundled with the various Graphics cards... Main cards in my mind right now are in budget of sub-10k, so 7600GT, 8600GT, etc are in scope... I think 8600GT cards are not bundled with any games, am I right? Also...
  4. shashank_re

    BUMPER OFFER:W700i along with 2GB Mem Card + DVD combo + RAM @ Unbeatable Price!

    As i have set myself to buy an N73,iam selling my good 8 months old Sony Ericsson W700i with 2gbmemory card along with the bundled 256mb MSPRO DUO:) . I have been using scratch gaurd and crystal cover since i brought the phone,so its is obsolutely scratchless. YOU HARDLY FIND ANY DIFFERENCE IN...
  5. Ankur Gupta

    FS:K750i with 2 months warranty!!

    I want to sell K750i in very good condition coz I have already bought SE P990i... The mobile was bought in October last year so it has still 2 months warranty remaining... I have the bill so you will get the warranty.. 64MB Memory Card,Charger,Headphones will also be bundled along... Location ...
  6. R

    media player for k750i

    I have k750i. I find the bundled media player not adequate. Can anyone suggest a good free java based media player which is better than the bundled one?
  7. utsav

    UPS bundle problem.PLZ help

    I hav made up my mind to buy a numeric ups *www.numericups.com/digi_600.htm i want to know that what are its package contents & price. I live in Jhansi(U.P) the shopkeeper is selling this ups for 1850Rs & he says that no serial cable and monitoring software is bundled with it...
  8. A

    FS: Gameboy advance SP with 8 bundled games

    I live in New Delhi and want to sell my 1 year old gba sp which is in excellent working condition with no defects etc. I haven't decided on a selling price and will post the screenshots tomorrow. I'll put the pic of the bundled games as well.
  9. D

    3230 Nokia connectivity prob

    please my friends can you tell em what the problem is solve it My system runs XP sp2 with a bluetooth dongle which comes bundled with bluesoliel software for connectivity. this software recognises my phone but the nokia software(latest) does not even try to seach it. please
  10. uppalpankaj

    Need help K750i or W700i

    Hi all, I want 2 buy a new cellphone and after a lot of research and considering many phones, I have narrowed my options to two: 1. SE K750i (comes bundled with 64 MB mem and has autofocus) 2. SE W700i (comes bundled with 256 MB and lacks autofocus) Which one should I go for? Please...
  11. romeo_8693

    xvid support?

    isnt xvid an opensource project?then y dont linux distro's come bundled with its support like ogg and vorbis?
  12. S

    Which is the best earphone for IPOD?

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a best earphone for my IPOD? I dont like the sound quality by the earphone bundled with IPOD. Plz suggest me to buy a good one :)
  13. R

    FS : Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

    As the thread title suggests My 1 & half month old E6300 is up for sale. Bought locally from Golcha, S.P.Road Bangalore. Almost full 3 years warranty left. New Stock HSF will be bundled. Box and Bill are in pristine condition. Reason for Sale:- Going for E6600 Special Offer:- Cooler...
  14. r2d2

    Need help for buying a smps/psu

    Please suggest a good smps (400W +) for my pc , don't want ultra high quality like the antecs or coolermasters as they are too costly for me, also should not be too cheap like the ones bundled with cabinets. My budget is around Rs. 1000 (maybe a little more). Regards Hirak
  15. Stalker

    BIOS Flashing

    Hi guys, can some 1 tell me what exactly is BIOS flashing?? How does it help?? I wanted to flash my FX5200 Bios using the gigabyte @BIOS bundled with it..........does it help in any matter?? Would there be a performance gain or would some features get unlocked?? Will flashing my mobo's BIOS...
  16. din4204u

    leadtek px6600gt extreme for sale

    hi guys i have 2 leadtek px6600gt extreme GPUs bought 2 months ago from zebronics.now i want to sell one of them.its factory overclocked at 550/1120 mhz and is having 128mb ddr3 samsung ram. my expected price is 7K. it was a pack of 2 same cards and pop warrior within and pandora tomm was...
  17. mohit sharma

    download accelarators

    hello guys , plz. suggest me any good download accelarator ( either free or paid ) , which integrates itself with browser automatically without any problem ?? except download accelarator plus because u all know , tht comes with spywares bundled with it !!!
  18. D

    Xbox 360 bundled with HP PC!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone, :D I was just reading the advertisments in the newspapers where there was an ad about an HP Pavillion PC for about 35K bundled with a free Xbox 360. 8) The PC specs are: P4 3.06 GhzHT 256MB RAM :oops: (can be increased) 80 GB SATA HDD DVD WRITER DUAL LAYER ATI...
  19. P

    TV tuner card

    I have pinnacle PCTV pro. Is there any good tv viewing softwares (better than the software bundled with this card)?
  20. D

    [b]Problem during installation of the service pack 2[/b]

    System configuration:- AMD Athlon(tm)XP 2400+ 2.00 GHz 224 MB of RAM WinXP with SP1 Problem:- My problem is that the SP2 does not get installed properly. It gives an error that the file 'tcptest' is not available and the installation cannot be completed. The same problem exist both on...
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