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Overclocked 8800GTX FS for throw away price

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Broken In
Im interested in selling my EVGA SUPERCLOCKED 8800GTX bundled with CRYSIS for rs 25000 only.
Contact me if you are intrested


In the zone
Plz do Give the core clock,shader,memory frequencies.(How much overclocked,performance diff with stock 8800gtx,8800 ultra).How hot does it run etc.


Wise Old Owl
U can have better deals with 9800GTX or HD 3870 X2 cheaper than this.
But they aint ny throwaway prices, but dis one is!!!


In the zone
i dont know if this is throw away price.i was offered for another leadtek 8800gtx for 20000/- but i refused since 9900gtx will hit the street in july.
cheers to those who buys this monster card.
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