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8800GTX for 25K

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damn busy...
He is asking 25k for one card i suppose.and u wont get any warranty in india for these cards


crazy overcloking
^^ i know warranty is not problem but he is post 2 card

i want only one single card price 12k then i will take deal


In the zone
either way,if he is in urgent need of money he has 2 customers ready(u and me).he would rather give it to you for 30k and i will have to change my plans and switch over to 9800gtx sli or 9850gx2.


Broken In
Sweet Jesus
Dude Its 1 for 25k. Get a life
This is a superclocked edition with CRYSIS bundled.
You normally get 8800GTX for 30K. This is a steal of a deal.
PLUS the cards are NEW and only been unboxed.
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