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i'm going 2 buy nokia 5700 shortly. i wanna know about the quality of the earphones bundled with 5700. Are they good enough? I was thinking of buying a Creative EP 630 along with 5700. But some people say that 5700 works best with the default earphones. Is this true? Does EP 630 really sound better than the default earphones bundled with 5700?


nokia 5700 Xm earphones r really good
but Creative's ep630 are really Xcellent u see the thread in the Review section
u'll know wats the power of ep630 ..
BTW: ull need to spend 850 moore for ep630


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utter crap...if u r into nokia get urself the 5610...else go for the w880i or w660...
5700 is more of a symbian smartphone rather than a music phone....


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The bundled earphones are good enough.No need to go for other pair.
If you want to spend the money,the get the Creative EP-630.


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^ i be tu havent used it ;)

used it for 6 back to SE again..SE roks netime...ask ne audiophile..they will give u a clear indication of how "good" 5700 is..

Neway..upto u...use it for a couple of months..u will feel the difference..

A few tips however for 5700 users...

1)lose all applications when u r not using may not be a big prob in the beginning but as the months wear o..u will find it unresponsive..the memory lags...

2)u can close the music player carrying out a few steps...the steps can be googled out..try closing it..

3)update your firmware regularly......and use good quality headphones..if u want "respectable" music quality

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