Windows won't boot after bsod


The problem
I see the manufacturer logo then it gets stuck on a black screen.

what happened
i was watching a movie then suddenly i got a bsod after my laptop just won't boot.
I am 90% sure bsod was BSOD - Driver Power State Failure

i have tried
Booting into safe mode - doesnt boot(same problem)
System Restore - no effect
Startup trouble shooter - no effect
Used following commands
I tried refreshing windows but it asks for disk which I don't have.

I am on windows 8.1 on Lenovo z50
PS : i had enabled sound driver in safe mode before this happened so maybe that's why it won't boot in safe mode.
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Update : tried Ubuntu on a live pendrive, worked fine so probably no hardware problem

Tried refresh your PC feature but it gets stuck at 95% then shows there was a problem refreshing your pc., no changes were made. So i googled about it and Microsoft article said to rename 2 things in system32/config folder.but i get error can rename because it is in use.
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