windows 7 not loading bsod


My laptop is asus 7 ultimate.
Let me explain in detail.
1. I just started pc and started a game.suddenly the game froze so i closed the game nd restaretd game.
2. Same thing happnd so i restarted pc.
3. Now i was getting a BSOD screen after windows loading fora fraction of second and the pc restarted.
4. Same thing mode was also not working.
5. Inserted windows 7 bootable disc but the system repair did not work so i decided to format my c drive.
6. It was showing me a message that "disk may fail if u install windows in this partition" for all the partitions.
7. I had no option but to install.installation failed several times and "changes were rolled back".
8. Now i decided to go for system recovery of c drive using easus todo backup.the backup image was in one of my partitions.
9. The recovery was completed but the windows took 15 mins to load.i was able access all the drives but explorer.exe kept crashing.
10. Restarted the pc in safe mode.took time to load but then it was working fine.
11. Run disk doctor of auslogics boostspeed.everything was ok for d,e,f drives.
12. For the c drive to be checked a restart was needed.the checking was stuck somewhere so i restarted the lappy.Once again bsod.
13. Now pc stucks at asus logo and i have to press F1 to boot.everything is set to default in bios.
14. Bsod comes after windows loading screen.
15. Tried system recovery 2-3 times but did not work
hdd is showing in bios.
Pls help my lap is out of warranty


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Boot with Linux-based distros, and see whether your laptop crashes or not..
Also try with another Win disc.
Boot with a linux distro and back up all important files. That would be the first step. After that "clean" the disk using diskpart utility at the windows installation screen.


I tried booting using damn small linux but it showed "cant find knoppix file system".
Also when i boot into safe mode the loading stucks at avgidsha file & then bsod restart.


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I have the following configuration:
core i5 2500 3.3 ghz
4 gb ddr3.
power supply:450 W
ati hd 5450 1gb.

Whenever I use windows 7 it all of suddden get crashed and show bluescreen,even though i have installed fresh copy of windows 7 but still give\s me this bsod. any solution for this ????


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test the ram module using memtset86+ bootable version and try with another gfx card.


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BSOD can crop up because of memory error!! Checkout your RAM. Perform Memory diagnostics of your RAM first. Insert a Ubuntu Linux CD/DVD,
select the option "Perform Memory Diagnosis", there are other good softwares to perform Memory diagnostics.
Also check the harddisk. It can be also be due a deadly virus. In the case of a Virus problem , perform a low-level format & install the Windows OS.
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