1. S

    BSNL EVDO Card(Prithvi) Dissconnection problem

    hello friends, I have bought BSNL EVDO Card (prithvi) recently.From the first day Modem is disconnecting itself in every 5-10 min,while it get connected it is giving me Good downloading speed(250-300KBps)(Snap shot is attactched).But most of the time it Shows the following errors "Connect...
  2. Y

    help me to choose between bsnl broadband and sify?

    I need unlimited broadband connection for my,which will be better bsnl or sify? Btw i am from patna.
  3. Rahim

    Modem assigned strange ip by BSNL and net is down.

    I have BSNL Broadband in Kolkata. From the last 3 days, the modem is assigned 10.208.72.xx as IPs. My modem is connected to a Netgear router and the modem auto-connects. The default gateway of my modem is and router is When i enter the ip assigned by BSNL, it opens my modem...
  4. Jim Kirk

    Need Buying Advice for BSNL Prepaid SIM for 3G Internet Use

    Hello, I am having a Huewei E3121 Datacard currently activated with Airtel 5 GB 3G Plan. But as i looked over the BSNL plans, i feel they are really cheap. I mean I pay 855 for 5GB on airtel while there is only 561 in BSNL for same 5GB plan. Now my question is that should i go for BSNL 3G...
  5. gautam_dey66

    BSNL BB Connection Without PC

    I have a bsnl bb connection, but my laptop is broken, I have a wifi router along with bsnl modem. now my problem is that without laptop I cannot dial n establish a connection. I know there is a way to config modem for auto dial/ connection but I don't know the whole actual process step by...
  6. D

    Router under 1k

    Hi, I have to buy one Router for my home and looking for a basic one. Please suggest a router under Rs.1000. My requirement is to connect phone and laptop. Saw these in Flipkart: TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps - 995 Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router (WNR612) - 925 Please suggest if above are...
  7. C

    Bsnl 3g network issue

    Frnds I have a Bsnl 3g sim. The problem with it is that I am not to make any calls on the 3g network. I have to switch everytime to 2G network to make calls. Although I am able to make calls but it is annoying everytime to switch to 2G network. Could anyone tell whats the problem and how to fix it?
  8. mitraark

    How to activate BSNL3G on Kolkata SIM

    I am currently in Vizag. I got a BSNL prepaid SIM from Kolkata to use 3G because of the cheap tariffs. The 1GB 30 days plan is supposed to cost Rs139. When I recharged that amount from Paytm I got talk time instead :-( I also sent DATA139 TO 53733 but it sent a reply saying invalid Keyword...
  9. T

    Do i need telephone line for BSNL Wimax?

    I went to bsnl office to ask for broadband and they said that Broadband is not feasible in you're area.They said they have bsnl line in my area,but cannot give you connection because the telephone is a bit far from you're home.Then i read on internet that BSNL wimax can work and doesn't require...
  10. sygeek

    What's the difference between reliance broadband and other ISPs? Is it worth it to switch from BSNL?

    I've heard that reliance broadband is a little different in comparison to other ISPs. Do you get a shared connection or something? Their tariffs are amazing, 2Mbps unlimited at 799 is crazy good. Is there any catch to it? I've been wanting to switch to it from BSNL because of the speed and...
  11. Y

    need a wireless router for bsnl BB under (2.5k)

    Hey frnds! I have bsnl bb, now i want to creat wifi in my house(2bhk).I will be conecting 2 phones and 2 laptops. So please suggest a good wireless router(if possible then link also) under 2.5k. I will be downloading torrent files also.Do i need to change mac add. And all. Thanks in adv. I...
  12. S

    bsnl 2g or 3g

    hi all. i am gonna get a bsnl sim for data access only. shud i go for a 2g sim and convert the connection to 3g later or get the 3g sim directly? could someone plz advise? i'm in the kolkata circle of bsnl.
  13. S

    BSNL - TP Link TDW8961ND Configuration Issues

    Hi, I am trying to connect TP Link TDW8961ND to BSNL Dataone. DSL connects but Internet does now can you please help verify and let me know if I am doing something wrong. As usual BSNL Helpline wasnt helpful. Config : * Regards, Vikram
  14. C

    3G on BSNL mobile

    I used to get GPRS internet on my mobile when my BSNL broadband goes down. Yesterday i tried to acgivate GPRS on my mobile by sending SMS "GPRS13" to 537331. But it said i SMS failed. Today when gogling i found there is free way to get internet ( browsing only) by creating APN with...
  15. T

    Please Please Help.How should i get bsnl broadband "line" in my area?

    Hello,all.I am sick with MTS.It gets so slow After fup.I went to bsnl office and they said that in your area broadband line is not available or something like that so we can't avail you broadband service.What should i do?How can i get bsnl broadband line in my area? Please tell me fast.
  16. N

    Reliance vs BSNL, which is better?

    I am a BSNL broadband user since 2006, and now i think its time to change. Recently they decrease the 20% discount given to government people to 10%, which has increased my bill. I currently use 950ULD plan, which gives 4MBPS speed with 8GB FUP, post FUP 512KBPS. I am a good downloader, so this...
  17. I

    Privately Sharing Files & Folders Over Internet

    Hello Friends, I have one computer which serves as Server in our office. Our all files like .doc, .docx, xls, .xlsx, etc. are stored in one folder in this computer. The OS of this PC is Windows XP SP2 and it is having BSNL Wired Broadband @ 2.0 mbps speed. I have recently purchased another...
  18. A

    A typical/weird problem with BSNL Broadband. Would make you scratch your head.

    I am facing a very very weird problem with my new BSNL Broadband connection in Jammu. I got this connection few weeks back and it never worked properly since day 1. Today I sat with free time to troubleshoot the problem and found it interesting as well as weird. I actually had configured my...
  19. D

    needed help regarding home landline network

    hello all i live in bangalore its a 2floor building ,i use bsnl landline ,i needed to know how to interconnect two landlines together i.e one at ground floor and one at 1st floor and when i need to call the person in 1st floor from the phone which is in ground floor without using bsnl resources
  20. S

    portable 3g/3.5g wireless n router

    Will Tp LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3g/3.75g/4g wireless N router work with following devices? 1) LG 32LS5700 LED SMART TV (2) NOKIA N8 and (3) TATASKY HD+, I have BSNL & AIRTEL 3G SIM. Can I use these as input with any 3G Dongle ?Is any other hardware required? kindly help me
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